8 Mindset Shifts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Make To Be A Success

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Owning a business and running it successfully is hard
work. If you’ve just started your own business or have
been running one for quite some time, you probably
know by now that staying motivated to continue is
tough as well.
But being motivated to run your business is essential if
you want to succeed! If you find yourself running out of
patience and wondering what prompted you to venture
into entrepreneurship, help is at hand.
Read on for some tips that can keep you
motivated :


1. Money isn’t everything
Yes, you need money to get your business up and
running, but money isn’t everything! Most importantly,
you need to have clear goals and a strong desire to
succeed. You also need to be focused and determined
to take your business to new heights.
At the same time, accumulating as much wealth as
possible doesn’t always translate into success. Note
that money will motivate you to an extent but it will
cease to be important once your basic needs are met.
So ascertain what your minimum needs are and
concentrate on building a sustainable business.
In the end, you will be more driven by challenges than
the urge to make more money!
2. Imagine good things
More often than not, what you imagine can transform
into reality. So whenever you’re faced with a tough
situation, avoid negative thoughts and think of the best
that can happen to you.
Be positive and distance yourself from negativity.
Instead of saying ‘ I can’t ’, develop a can-do attitude.
Think of problems as an opportunity or a challenge and
your subconscious will automatically work on positive
3. Don’t turn away from
Note that there’s a difference between fantasizing and
thinking positive. When you set unrealistic
expectations, focusing on the positive can actually
become self-destructive .
Further, stop pretending that everything is fine. Turning
a blind eye to the problems in your business or seeing
things with rose-colored glasses on won’t help you. Be
truthful to yourself and realistic in tough times instead
of simply assuming that things will get better.
This doesn’t mean that you doubt your abilities or lose
hope; acknowledging reality no matter how harsh it is
will only help you find the best solution.
4. Take positive action
Just thinking in the right direction or being positive
isn’t enough; you also have to take positive action. For
example, if you say to yourself that you’ll concentrate
on driving safely but refuse to put on your seatbelt,
your positive thinking won’t be of any use.
Always put-in adequate efforts to succeed, never
underestimate the importance of hard work, and
anticipate obstacles that you’re likely to face.
Additionally, remember to maintain a positive attitude
even when you don’t see the desired outcome.
5. Grab opportunities
You never know which opportunity will work in your
favor. Perhaps the opportunity you’re trying to pass up
because you’re overestimating your importance can
help your business immensely. So don’t be
embarrassed by the opportunities that come your way;
grab them with both hands and focus on giving your
best shot every time.
Don’t wait for an opportunity to come your way! What if
an opportunity never comes by? A good opportunity
might be right in front of your eyes and you might not be
able to see it.
Being open-minded and calm, and visualizing your goals
will help you be aware of opportunities. Changing your
mindset will also help you conceive new ideas and
create opportunities where there are none.
6. Hold yourself
For your successes as well as failures! A lot of people
crave the independence that entrepreneurship provides
but few are willing to acknowledge that owning a
business means being accountable for each and
As an entrepreneur, you will be responsible for all the
decisions you make; blaming your subordinates won’t be
an option. Take the blame for failures but don’t dwell a
lot on them and always rejoice when you taste success!
7. Count your blessings
When things don’t work out the way you want them to,
it’s easy to be upset. Counting your blessings in times
of distress and expressing gratitude for the smallest of
things can bring a smile to your face.
Consider how your last job was and how far you’ve
come, be thankful for the food you eat, the roof over
your head, and the car you drive, and think of your
family and the love you share. There’s definitely a lot in
your life to be happy about than sulk over business
losses or failures.
8. Stay inspired
There will be times when you’ll ask yourself why you’re
doing what you’re doing. Answer the question! Think of
why you started your business and where you want to
Perhaps you had enough of your last job, wanted to
earn more money so you could give the best to your
kids, or wanted to make this world a better place.
Whatever your reasons for starting your business, think
of them and you’re sure to rediscover your inspiration.
Do take regular breaks and reward yourself for your
achievements; no matter how small they are. Stay in
touch with positive people and spend time with your
family and loved ones.

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