Here are 7 steps on how to become addicted to success:

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

1. Ask questions
Knowledge is potential power and questions are the
healthiest way to grow your knowledge.
By asking questions we are able to understand how
things work and those who understand how things work
can make things work.
Ask lots of questions, ask big questions, and ask small
Build your understanding.
2. Think like a gardener
Gardeners prepare the soil before they plant their
seeds, when its time to reap the benefits of their
harvest they are always glad that they did.
Gardeners also have crops on different cycles because
not every crop has an equal return or grows at the
same time of year.
Imagine the different crops to be revenue streams,
networks, hobbies etc.
Gardeners are people who pay forward , they understand
that in order to receive first they must give.
Be willing to provide value first .
Look for the weeds in your garden, pull them out and
don’t let others ruin your garden.
3. Immersion learning
Immerse yourself in as much learning as you can. For
Learn by doing, get involved, find things out, connect
with people in the know, join a group and on various
points on the path, always learn with energy. While
reading immerse yourself in the book.
Do things with a high level of awareness and
concentration. Become a student of life. Be willing to
invest time and money into your never-ending growth.
Take classes, read books , join groups, start groups,
experiment, explore and make use of the results.
4. Make a decision and
take massive action
‘What is something everyone can make no matter their
circumstance? A Decision’ – Elliott Kennefick
Decisions change circumstances.
Decide what is your desired outcome, lose weight,
more family time, make 100million, or all of the above.
Whatever it is decide to take ownership of your
decision and don’t be afraid or embarrassed by others
opinions of your decision.
Research how to make this a reality , this is where the
questioning begins.
You want to buy an island? How much is an island?
You want to lose weight? How can you lose weight
while working 40 hour weeks? Who is already getting
the results you want?
Plot out the steps to the achievement of your goal
Once you have decided let nothing stop you and take
massive action to gain momentum.
Imagine a rocket blasting off, a massive eruption that
leaves behind a crater. Let this be how you take
The bigger the vision ( mass ) the bigger the action
( force ) needed to move it, but once moving it becomes
difficult to stop.
A decision should be followed by an action towards its

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