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much as we have come to believe that it is
unpredictable and that our destiny is set in stone, we
have the power within us to control and change most of
what happens in our lives and it’s quality by the choices
we make, the actions we take and the way we react to
circumstances and various situations.
The following quotes reinforce this :
Quote #1 :
We cannot change the past, neither can we predict the
future but we can use our past experiences, challenges
and the valuable lessons we garner from them to
create and shape our future. Life and time have a way
of making us wiser, better equipped and changing our
perspective as far as many things are concerned.
Often times though, we are so hung up on the past and
spend too much time re-visiting it that we fail to realize
the opportunities that abound before us. The best
things are never behind us but ahead of us and can
only be experienced if and when we allow ourselves to
embrace new possibilities and opportunities and
become proactive in creating the lives we desire for
Quote #2 :
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! To accomplish
anything; you have to dare to dream, be willing to take
risks and put yourself out there. Nothing worth having in
life comes easily or will be handed to you without any
effort or due diligence on your part.
The World’s greatest inventions and innovations were
birthed from an idea and the idea turned into
manifestation by the person who dared to try by taking
a leap of faith and making the decision to put the idea
into work.
Quote #3 :
Roger Bannister was able to accomplish a feat experts
had said for many years the human body wasn’t
capable of; he broke the four minute mile barrier and
inspired others to follow suit shortly thereafter. As they
say, the rest is history, what was once considered
impossible is a norm today.
If someone else is succeeding at something you are
failing in, you need to re-examine your actions and
figure out what you are doing wrong or aren’t doing
and determine if their actions, habits and mannerisms
are duplicable and if emulated would aid you in
achieving similar if not greater success.
Quote #4 :
You really are the Author and Creator of your life and can
be, do and have anything you put your mind to. Whatever
you tell yourself is possible for you will be possible for
you. The person YOU determine to be is the person you
will become based on your mindset, the actions you
perform and the choices you make.
The only person that stands in the way of you becoming
the person you want to be is yourself. People can try to
prevent you from becoming the person you would like
to become or even influence you into becoming that
very person but all the hard work lies in you
determining the possibility of this happening.
Quote #5 :
When it comes to dealing with challenging situations or
obstacles in life, you can either take the stance of
being the problem or the solution; whichever option you
choose greatly determines the outcome and your
Complaining about circumstances that you can easily
change is pointless and will lead you nowhere. Either
make the choice to do whatever it takes to change
your situation and proactively pursue the solution or
choose to not do anything about it and stay miserable.
The choice is really up to you. For things to change,
you have to be willing to make the change or stop
complaining about it if you aren’t willing to.
Quote #6 :
Although we are unlimited beings, we rarely tap into
most of our potential because we sometimes aren’t
willing to take the risks or make the sacrifices or
commitments doing so would require of us. You will
never know what you are capable of or where your
strength lies until you are willing to push yourself
further than you’ve ever gone or get out of your
comfort zone without the possibility of a safety net.
The difference between being extra-
ordinary and ordinary is determined by
one’s will to go the extra mile and do
what others aren’t willing to do.


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