Y u must alws chase your passion..!!

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When we are growing up, they say we can be whatever
we want to be but when we get older they say we
should not chase our passion because it is not
When I wanted to start designing my life, they told me
that I would be laughed at when I came crawling back
in six months. I have been laughing at the naysayers
and the doubters ever since.
The most amazing experience in the world is working
towards a goal that truly interests you, truly sets your
blood on fire, and motivates you to do more than
yesterday. If you do not build your own dream then
someone else will hire you to build theirs.
Here are six reasons that every man and
woman, no matter their age, should chase
their passion :
1. It provides you with
clarity of purpose
There is a problem in the world in which we live today,
there are too many distractions and too many things
drawing our attention from what is important. The
television wants a piece of us , social media wants a
piece, our email wants a piece, and our friends and
family want a piece. There is only one of you and you
only have twenty four hours in a day.
There is no way to give everything the attention that it
needs in order to satisfy it. When we chase our
passions, the things that are important to us solidify
and the distractions melt away. I like to refer to this as
a low information lifestyle. The only things that take up
your full attention are the things directly related to your
passion. It is the fastest way to develop tunnel vision
and clarity of purpose . When there is clarity of purpose
then accomplishment is not far behind.
2. Your passion will feed
you and clothe you
This may seem like a strange thing to say. How can an
abstract concept such as passion, feed and clothe
someone? It is rather simple really. When you are
passionate about something, other concerns go out the
window . In my personal experience, I have been able to
work on a project for twenty hours straight and instead
of it taking me a week to finish, it took about two days.
I did not eat, and I did not even take a shower during
that time.
It was not because I was fasting or intentionally trying
to starve myself, it was because I simply forgot; those
concerns because secondary . When I say that your
passion will feed and clothe you I mean that everything
else will fall by the wayside and allow you to truly
concentrate on what is necessary.
3. It is just fun
The old saying; do what you love and you will never
work a day in your life still holds true. Passion is
something that allows you to remove the title of work
from your actions . It is something that no one will ever
need to tell you to get to work on. You enjoy doing it
and can do it to the exclusion of everything else. There
is no feeling quite like waking up to live a life that you
designed from the ground up.
4. It allows you to remove
the excess
We have a lot of things in our lives that, frankly, are
not necessary . We have many clothes that we no longer
wear, we have appliances that we do not use, and we
have endless heaps of clutter in our lives. If you are
able to develop the type of tunnel vision that I
discussed in number one, the realization will dawn upon
you that less is more.
These objects do not fulfill you, it is the experiences
and activities that you engage in that allow you to
become the type of person that lives life to the fullest .
You have never heard someone talking about a car the
same way they would talk about a their memories of a
vacation. A new car is an object that quickly loses its
flair while memories are always recalled fondly.
It is only when you are able to shift from the mindset
of amassing things and objects to one of amassing
experiences and memories that you will truly be able to
chase and enjoy your passion. There will be nothing
holding you back from achieving greatness at that point.
Design a life worth living .
5. It will eventually pay
you very well
No matter what you love doing and no matter how
obscure it may be; it will eventually pay you very well .
When the passion in your heart bleeds onto the canvas
of your work, the world has no choice but to sit up and
take notice.
If you are a baker then bake the best bread in the
world. If you are a blogger then create the most
amazing blog. If you are a rock climber then teach
people to master their fears and climb mountains.
There is no limit to what you can do and once you
achieve mastery, the world will beat down a path to
your door ( expertise in this day and age is no longer
difficult to achieve as long as you are willing to put in the
work ).
6. The world will
acknowledge your wisdom
This is more of a personal one for me but it still holds
true. When you first decide to bite the bullet and chase
your passion many people will say that you shouldn’t
do it. You should not risk your life and future for a
hobby that may or may not pay your dividends.
They will fight you, they will discourage you, and they
will ridicule you. Rest assured, if your passion really is
that and is bordering on an obsession then no force,
real or imagined can keep you from achieving your
destiny. You will be vindicated when the dust settles,
the naysayers will become your staunchest supporters
and you will attract a new breed of human, the haters.
Passion is something that is given to us by a divine
hand. We only have two choices; we can chase it to the
end and eventually achieve greatness or we can allow it
to burn out like a fire drenched with water. In the end,
the choice is yours but I sincerely hope that you
choose to fight for your dreams and make the world a
more amazing place in the process.
Thank you for reading my article! I hope
these tips will help you decide to chase
your passion!

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