Signs that you evolved as an individual…!!

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There are striking differences between evolved and
conscious people and non-evolved, non-conscious
Becoming evolved is a process that begins with a
conscious awakening . After the awakening, you can no
longer go back to the person you once were. As you
dive deeper into your personal growth, you’ll see
evidences that you evolved and changed.
Below I have listed 20 signs that prove
you have evolved as a person :
1. The Foundation: You
know who you are
According to psychological identity theory, there are
four stages of identity development . At stage one, you
have no identity . You blindly accept whatever ideology
or values system was taught by your parents or family
At stage two, you begin expanding your social circle,
but you passively go with the flow of society without
questioning. You lack authenticity and obsess over
fitting in and pleasing others. Like stage one: no true
At stage three, you begin to experience an identity
crisis . You realize you’ve been faking, copying, and
blindly following your entire life. You begin to question
your choices and values. This leads you to explore new
lifestyles, belief systems, choices, friends, and cultures.
However, at this stage there is little commitment and
depth . Instead, it is endless searching for the next
thing. Most people are stuck in a perpetual identity
crisis. They have no clue who they really are.
At stage four, you have courageously voyaged through
your identity crisis and autonomously committed to a
particular identity ( i.e., ideology, occupation, relational
values, etc. ). You continue to explore. However, this
exploration is grounded on foundational beliefs and a
clear sense of who you are and what your direction is
in life.
Moving forward, I will define an evolved person as
someone who has achieved their identity.
2. You know what you
As an evolved person, you commit to a certain path in
life. You know what you want in life. You have
direction . One of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People is—Begin with the end in mind. In all
things, there are two creations: The mental creation and
the physical creation.
You can design your ideal destiny and consistently
move toward it without getting thrown off course—
because you’re committed. Endless exploration is over.
You’re ready to go deep and far.
3. You feel like you’re
where you’re supposed to
As an evolved person, you feel a higher sense of
purpose in your life, like you’ve been guided. You are in
the right place and on the right path. This is more than
a mere belief— but a spiritual confirmation . You are
aligned with your highest self and manifesting the life
you were meant to live.
4. You believe you are in
control of the outcomes in
your life
As an evolved person, you have what psychologist call
an internal locus of control. You, not external factors,
controls your life. You believe you are responsible, and
thus have power to create whatever future you want .
5. Your life is set up on
your own terms
As an evolved person, you are no longer reactive to
other people’s agendas. Every moment of each day is
spent doing what you want to do. You are doing the
work you love. You are spending time with people you
want to be with. You are making the amount of money
you want. You are in control of your schedule. Your
schedule doesn’t govern you.
6. Your life is more simple
As an evolved person, you have simplified your life.
There is an art in slowing down and smelling the
flowers. You’re not racing through life. You’re present.
You prefer experiences over stuff. You’ve removed
everything from your life that distracts you from your
highest purpose . Everything in your life makes sense
being there. It’s purposeful.
7. Your goals become
manifest quickly after you
set them
As an evolved person, you are connected to your
higher source. You’ve learned how to create the results
you want quickly—often instantaneously. You believe it,
and quickly you see it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson has
said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires
to make it happen.”
8. You attract the right
people into your life
As an evolved person, you attract the right people into
your life. You are moving toward a huge vision and the
needed connections and mentors always seem to show
up right when you need them. As Buddha has
said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”
9. You expect luck/
miracles to happen often
As an evolved person, you expect luck and miracles to
happen in your life. This is your natural state of mind.
Things will work out. Rare opportunities will present
themselves. You expect it, believe it, and see it. In fact,
from an evolved perspective, miracles are the norm. To
not experience miracles frequently in your life shows
you’re disconnected from yourself and your higher
10. You set aside time
every day to ponder and
As an evolved person, you go out of your way to be
alone. For example, Sara Blakey, CEO of Spanx, only
lives five minutes from her office. However, she
purposefully drives an extended 45 minute commute to
work simply to provide the time and space to think. This
is the same for tons of creatives. They chunk out time
every day to ponder, meditate, pray, and reflect. This is
where inspiration and breakthroughs happen.
11. You’re highly selective
with your time
As an evolved person, you say “ No,” to most invitations
and opportunities. As Jim Collins has explained in Good
to Great, you realize that one-in-a-million opportunities
happen every day. You’re not seduced by these
distractions. Your time is only spent on things that truly
matter to you.
12. You do things
everyday to create the
future you desire
As an evolved person, you don’t procrastinate action.
You’ve moved from dreamer to doer. Every single day
is spent actually building the future you want to live in.
13. You feel a gap
between yourself and
those you used to
As an evolved person, you feel a gaping chasm
between yourself and the people you used to spend
time with. This is perhaps one of the saddest parts of
becoming evolved, and one of the hardest . At some
point in every evolved person’s journey, they had to
disband themselves from people who pulled them down.
However, once they did, it wasn’t long before they
were nothing like their old friends.
14. You seek change
As an evolved person, you embrace and seek change
constantly. You love transformation . You love having
your paradigm shattered. You love cultivating new
habits. You love engaging in new things that challenge
you because you love growth.
15. You find joy in taking
As an evolved person, you feel alive when taking leaps
of faith . You love that moment when you’re about to do
something that utterly terrifies you. You know that
you’re attempting something that most people would
never consider.
16. You notice truth
hidden in everything
As an evolved person, you notice subtle truth and
connections in everything, w hile watching movies, having
conversations, driving in your car. Life is your teacher.
You are deeply connected to the universe and are
sensitive to even the smallest connections and lessons.
17. You’re conscious
about what you eat
As an evolved person, you see yourself as a holistic
being. Every aspect of your life impacts the whole .
Consequently, you are aware that the food in your body
impacts your mind, emotions, spirit, relationships, and
everything else.
18. You care more about
other people—but less
about what they think of
As an evolved person, you care intensely about other
people’s wellbeing. However, you no longer care what
other people think about you. Other people’s
perceptions no longer govern you. As Martha Graham
has said, “What people in the world think of you is really
none of your business.”
19. You no longer
compare yourself with
As an evolved person, you no longer compare yourself
or compete with others . Having a sense of unique
identity, you realize that no one else can do the work
you are intended to do. You have your own unique
mission in life that only you can do. So there’s no
reason to copy other people. There is no competition.
You are an innovator.
20. You Genuinely Want
The Best For Others
As an evolved person, you are happy when other
people succeed and sad when other people fail. The
success of others is seen as the success of the whole.
You genuinely want what’s best for everyone—even
those you would consider your enemies. You only have
love for every person on earth . No hatred, envy, or guile.
Evolved people change the world. They live happier,
simpler, and more productive lives. The best part is, as
you grow in consciousness, you can see these
evidences in your life—confirming you are becoming the
person you were meant to be.

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