7 Not-So-Typical Success Tips That Challenge The Status Quo

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

With the internet, it’s easy to get any kind of advice on
success out there. Bloggers are sharing their life
stories. Successful people are dishing out lessons and
heck, newbies all around are eager to churn out
anything to supposedly help others.But it begs to be
asked, “ Does it really work ?” To put it straight, no it
doesn’t work as easily as they read. It then begs to be
asked too, “ If it’s so easy, why aren’t all of us
successful? ”
There are many nuances when it comes to success.
These may be quotes and structured advice too, but
I’ve morphed them realistically to hopefully inspire you
Here are 7 not so typical tips for your
success :
1. “Inspiration is for
amateurs. The rest of us
just show up and get to
The quote is by Chuck Close and I love how it easily
trumps all ideas surrounding inspiration .
I personally think that people rely too much on
inspiration. We think that we need inspiration to get
started on something, to overcome obstacles or even
learn something about ourselves.
Inspiration is all good, but at the end of the day, it’s
doing the work itself that makes you accomplish
So stop trying so hard to seek inspiration. Stop waiting
around for some grand feeling that you think you need
to do work. Just, do the work already.
2. Passion is not the
golden ticket to solve all
your problems.
Everybody is talking about the importance of passion
today. Apparently, if you want success, you need to
love what you do, follow your heart or however you
want to call it.
Passion definitely helps to make sense out of your
work. It can even make you feel happy more than
usual, but it’s not going to solve all your problems.
You’re still going to feel tired. You’re going to worry
from time to time. You’re also going to fail and fall
Why? Because that’s just life. The world doesn’t deliver
everything to you on a silver platter just because you
have passion . If it was so easy, then everybody with
passion would be in a thriving, successful business and
leading a happy life everyday.
Yes, get passion, but remember that you need to go
through the grind too. Everybody does. Toughen up and
prepare yourself for the work, especially when things
don’t go your way.
3. Don’t ask for help. Give
it a try yourself because
someone out there did it
With the internet today, finding the answer is so easy .
Everything is a Google search away. If you want to ask
for help, you can connect with anybody via social
media. If you want a coach or mentor, there’s an entire
field to it waiting to bestow its services on you.
But have you stopped to think that you can do it
yourself first? Must we all really be held by the hand?
Must we always go through some tutorial first?
Think about this, for every invention out there,
somebody went out of his or her way to get it done
first. They thought of it themselves. They held on to
their vision even though nobody knew or cared about it.
They literally couldn’t get help on it.
What is stopping you then? Give it a try yourself first.
Go in blind. That is being resourceful and independent.
You’ll grow from it as you realize how capable you truly
4. You absolutely must
feel fearful, anxious and
downright scared to get
out of your comfort zone.
We all know we need to get out of our comfort zone .
That’s where the magic happens apparently.
But there is a clash of ideas here because of passion.
Think about it, we think we need to feel on top of the
world in order to know that we can make the right
decision . We want to feel inspired, feel like our heart is
talking to us or feel like we’re aligned with the
Are you really getting out of your comfort zone that
way? Or are you just making excuses?
Popular blogger James Altucher says he only hits
publish when he’s scared. He wrote before about how
he chooses to be vulnerable in his posts and even
wants to BLEED in them. I try to do the same myself,
and I noticed I get a bigger reaction when I do.
If you want magic to happen, then start to embrace
the fear. Feel scared. Get anxious. Be unsure too.
Don’t cower from them. Break through them and just do
it . You’ll be surprised what not-so-positive feelings can
bring you.
5. Stop working. Drop it all
and take a break.
Sometimes, you just need to take a break and spare
some time for yourself . That is how you get the
answers you’re looking for.
It may sound paradoxical, but it’s true. Working too
hard and too much may make you feel too disillusioned
from the bigger picture. Gordon Ramsay even
recommended this in his AMA.
So be willing to take a break. Don’t be scared to go
travel, meet people and start asking yourself the some
honest questions. The answer will come to you then.
6. It’s okay to quit.
And hence that overrides the idea of never giving up in
whatever it is you do in life. Sometimes, you just have
to quit. You have to give up.
The key is to know when you have to stop. Seth Godin
calls it “The Dip”.
This will save you a lot of time and effort. It can even
save your entire future as you choose to opt out of a
field and go into another.
Indeed, when everything is not going right, go left.
7. How you do anything is
how you do everything.
Would you believe me if I said that the amount of
effort you put in to getting a six-pack would also result
in financial abundance in your business? Or how about
clearing your inbox everyday would ensure less
confusion in your relationships with others?
It may sound pretty out there… but it works that way.
It’s a positive effect that snowballs all over your life.
It all starts in the mind though . If you would just put in
that tiny little effort to give a crap about the tiny little
things in all areas of your life, you’ll start to see a
change and get the results you want. And it won’t stop
as you gain more pride in the things you do.
That is how you create good habits in your life . So you
want results? Start small. Take pride in yourself by
taking care of every little thing in your life. Soon
enough, you’d eventually create many amazing things.

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