#Wisdom from thinklikearichchic

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

#StellarCorpse | Wisdom From The Stars

The first “quickie” I ever had, was in Los Angeles in a green Ford Explorer with the sexiest English man you’ve ever seen. We parked in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city and got busy in the passenger seat. He came in exactly 3 minutes!! And was a nervous wreck the entire time. This quickie had all the makings of amazing and was a crap failure. Fast money doesn’t satisfy. It’s just alluring. Learn to love the process. Everyone says enjoy the journey, but they fail to mention journey by definition, sounds like a damn trek and you can never get there. Enjoy the process because that’s the fun part. The dates, the foreplay, the moment you catch them staring at you, the first fight. Live for that shit, live for figuring the shit out. That’s how you get money and get satisfaction. There is noting worse than a miserable…

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