Greatness Is For Those, Who Take Responsibility

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized


Air, sunshine, rain, and many other resources are free for everyone but greatness is for those who deserve for it. Greatness is not a matter of luck. It depends upon your struggle and thirst for greatness. Those who never assume responsibility of their life, can never be great. If God had given choices to men what he want to choose than I think going for taking responsibility would be the perfect choice.

If you are not serious about yourself than no body in the world is spare to help you. Great and successful people in the world take the responsibility of their life.

 Greatness is start with a firm decision to do so. Only few people in the world make the decision to take responsibility of their lives as responsibility is one of the difficult thing in busieness and life.

It is a simple concept. Decide yourself if you want…

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