Robert Altman Beat Me Up and Stole My Wallet

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Jeremy Moran

“Unpack yer bags….and try not to cry….I can’t watch Seven Samurai…There’s three reasons why….There’s Ebert, Rosenbaum, and sweet Pauline Kael….”

In 1975, Robert Altman unleashed Nashville, which was a film that completely redefined American life. Set in the specific moment of America’s Bicentennial, Altman and the best ensemble cast in cinema history crafted a vision of American life that showed us exactly who we are: the dreamers, the romantics, the self-absorbed narcissists, the hopelessly deluded, the lonely, and the abused. I believe that if any American person watches Nashville and does not recognize themselves in at least one of the  characters, they probably weren’t paying attention.

The last paragraph that I wrote was one of the least original paragraphs that I have ever thrown out for public consumption. Nashville is such a massive statement that has been around for so long and seen by so many people that it…

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