The Wind and the Sea and My annoying sister.

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Flourishing Minds

“Fostering strengths by providing experience is part of cultivating success for young people (Learning Potential)! Miss Moo age 7, loves writing. She has been inspired to write these holidays. On a recent trip and spending time with family has provided the creative springboard! Then having the conversation and supporting the pathway for her to express these experiences has enabled her to achieve success right here on Purple Cow!”     (Mum)

The wind and the Sea

The Wind and the Sea.

Every day I go to the sea,
When I walk down the old jetty I feel the wind caress me,
Birds fly so fast, as the sea splashes me with a hearty laugh,
I sit down and take a break,
Then the wind blows my hair pale,
And the sea sprays me with salt and seaweed! When I go home my mother yells at me “what have you been doing!”
I sadly say to her the…

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