★ Act Like Men – “The Man From Tarsus” ★

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Daily Dependence

Day 36 - The Man From TarsusDaily Dependence - Section 5 - Do Everything in LoveThe study starts off with a review of the differences between men and women with some really powerful insights.

“Women are hardwired by the Creator to relate, to nurture, and to connect.  Men are designed by God to pursue, provide, and protect.  Connecting sees relationship as an asset and makes you vulnerable to others.  That’s why women need protection.  Protection sees relationship as a potential threat and makes men aggressive.  That’s why men need help with connecting.  Men are closed and weaker at relationship, favoring protection.  Women are open and pursue relationship, requiring protection.”

So how are women better at building and sustaining relationships?

By “making themselves known. [Women excel at] talking to each other about their experiences and being honest about themselves in a way that humans wired for protection, i.e., men, find more difficult.”

I must say that was definitely true of me for many, many years.  I struggled to make…

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