Goal setting:paramount of success

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Living a life without a goal is living a life without a
meaning. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every
time. Most people don’t even have a life goal. Don’t get
me wrong; I was like that not so long ago.
Of course, I wanted to succeed in life. All I did was
dream about a big house by the water in a southern
city while sipping on a little sangria and swinging on a
nice little hammock!
However, I didn’t have any plans or goals to fulfill my
dreams. I thought that life owed me something, and
that my dream would fall on me, like the snow from
the cold city I lived in would.
How having a goal would
make me succeed.
It is your GPS: Goal, Plan , Success!
Let’s say you are going on vacation and you are in your
car, ready for a long road destination. You are driving
from New York, in the month of December and you
would love to reach a destination. Having no
destination, refers to as having no goal ; you are just
going to drive around not really knowing which
direction to take and not really knowing where you will
end up. Sounds like you are not starting your vacation
the right way!
You keep driving and get caught into traffic,
construction detours and all the endless confusing
roads. So, as you have been driving for a while, you
start getting tired of turning around without reaching
any promising destination.
Finally! This is a great start; you are tired of your
situation and would love to take charge of it . Thus, you
ask yourself a crucial question; where would I like to
spend my vacation? Hmm… Let’s see… I’d love to go
spend some time in a nice Southern City!
Those palm trees, the sun shining all day, all the
beautiful well-tanned people and all the charm of a
southern city. But wait; there are indeed multiple sunny
cities. Should I go to Miami? Los Angeles?
So here, at least, you have found yourself a goal , which
is reaching south. However you need to make it more
precise and choose a final destination unless you could
split yourself in half and send each part in the two
desired cities.
You need a SMART Goal!
S: Specific ; Make it specific, LA or Miami? Let’s say
you have chosen Miami.
M: Measurable ; How many hours do you need to drive
before reaching Miami?
A: Action ; You need to get behind the steering wheel
and start driving!
R: Realistic; Dream big, but you don’t need to drive 20
hours nonstop without taking a break.
T: Timeline; Look at how many hours it will take you to
drive there.
If you have never been there before, driving towards
the South in the hope of one day reaching Miami is just
a wish, not a goal. So now that you understood this,
you either put the destination on your GPS or plan the
road through your own map.
The Zen of goal setting!
As you have now completed your road trip plan, get in
the right path and start driving towards your goal ,
Miami. You planned the road trip, the timeline as well
as the little road exit breaks!
As you are now on the highway, you notice that there
is a lot of traffic. You think about your planned timeline
and tell yourself that it will be hard to respect it. After
a few hours caught in traffic, the road finally starts
clearing out and you get going again!
Just when you thought your destination was around the
corner, you have to face another obstacle, a major
accident blocking the road you were headed to. As you
are facing obstacles one after the other , you start
losing faith on your plan and start thinking about
maybe settling for a less desired and easier
destination. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be?
When the plan doesn’t
Change the plan, but never the goal!
This is absolutely crucial. Whatever your goal is, you
will face challenges . It is through these challenges that
you will grow and become stronger as a person. If you
change your desired destination in this case, you will
always settle for less in life and never live your dreams.
Taking this crucial approach into consideration, you
decide to change your road plan and find the closest
detour available. As you do, you get back on track and
head towards Miami again!
After driving numerous hours again, you face another
complication. One of your tires lets you down in the
middle of the highway. As you already faced multiple
obstacles , this situation doesn’t even surprise you.
However, you never changed a tire in your life and
doing so would be getting out of your comfort zone .
You have learned to embrace your fears. Therefore, you
get out of your car, take your safety wheel out and
start analyzing your wheels in order to understand their
scheme. As you are doing so, someone witnessed your
situation and pulled aside on the highway in order to
assist you!
My friends, the harder you work, the luckier you get!
What if you stayed in your car wishing for something to
get you out of that situation? That person assisting you
could have thought that maybe you were just having a
phone call and therefore, pulled a side. Who
knows? Again, with the help of the generous individual,
the situation is fixed and you get back on track!
You feel proud of yourself for not letting those
challenges put you down and start believing that from
now on, nothing will stop you from reaching that
beautiful city of Miami and that you will always find a
solution no matter what. You will begin to embrace
challenges as you are used to getting through them.
Thus, you will become a no matter what person!
So now, what is your goal? Think, Plan, take action and
most importantly PERSIST! Start having the habit of
moving towards your goals.
Thank you for reading my article! I would
love to hear your thoughts in the
comment section below!
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Goal Setting is Paramount to Your
by Heitem Ak –
Success Advice
“Purpose is what gives life a meaning.” – C. H.

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