Posted: July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

David Harrison Levi Beverly Hills CA

If history has proven itself … One of the greatest examples of why people are so afraid of their own success is … The media (Late Night TV) (Gossip Magazines) will build you up, speak highly of you, and deem you the new poster child of perfection. You finally reach the pinnacle of success, until one day, you make your first mistake or worse gain or lose weight, go through a divorce, wear somethintrue-falseg that doesn’t become you, rumors you are Elvis’ love child, accusations of drugs and alcohol, change your sex or everyone’s favorite, being an alien from outer space … They will waste no time ridiculing you, tearing you down, shred every fiber of who you are, make fun of you and throw you under the bus for their drama and negative seeking audience’s amusement, interest and ratings … sad but true … ie: Whitney Houston…

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