Being Positive

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Tony Burgess Blog

As a generally positive person I do have my moments. But I work hard at seeing the better side of life and people. The world has enough negative energy where it can really wear on us. Having more words of affirmation would do us all good.

You have to be intentionally positive or at least fake it til you make it. This is hard for some because of prior life experience. Positive people do have the right to complain every so often because they want to effect change in their lives and community. I even complain about things, it’s just a human thing to do. Being an idealist is not easy because not everyone shares your vision of how things can be. Ones attitude about life in general informs us about where they are coming from. I heard in a movie once your attitude is the aroma of your heart…

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