The Cover Letter

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Job Hunter's Jargon

Everyone knows what a Cover Letter is, right? But when it comes to writing one, it’s not so simple.

I’ve always been advised to write specific letters based on the company. I hate templates. An automatically generated letter is not reflective of my skill or personality. So, why subject the person who may hire me, to such monotony?

First, before you apply anywhere, decide if this is a good fit. Read the description over and over again. Acquaint yourself with the company/organization website. Did you study in the same industry? Where else are they located in the world? Do they support causes you care about?

Pretend your Job Application is a first date. The Cover Letter is your first impression. Get a haircut and put on a new outfit. Don’t be afraid to pull out as many stops imaginable.

Leave a positive impression of who you are. What are you about? Mention the benefits to having…

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