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In the last few weeks, I have begun to realise after
reading many books that I am 100% on the path to
success. I don’t tell you this to impress you but to
impress upon you that self-development and the things
we teach on Addicted2Success really do work if you
allow them to.
Below are the seven signs that showed
me I was on the path to success and that
you should start being aware of.
1. Taking big risks as if
it’s a habit
Subconsciously I have begun taking what I used to
consider as big risks by habit. What this has done for
me, has allowed my personal growth to multiply more
than ever before. No longer am I worried about what
people think and if everyone is doing something, like
face painting (this happened at a function I was at the
other day), I am perfectly comfortable in doing what I
believe in and making sure it’s for the right reasons.
I never really knew what the path to success looked
like until my mind started taking these risks and turning
them into a video game that I wanted to win. We talk a
lot on Addicted2Success about habits but never would
I have ever thought that taking risks would become one
of mine. It started out as taking smalls steps, but now
these steps appear giant when I look back.
2. Career opportunities
coming from everywhere
This is going to sound crazy, but for the last two years
I have been swamped more than ever with career
opportunities. This is yet another sign that I am on the
path to success without even realising it. When I talk
to other people, they keep wondering how this
continues to happen to me.
The only way I can explain it is when you focus all your
efforts on becoming a better version of you, the
universe conspires in your favour to make your ultimate
dreams come true. Between being offered amazing
corporate roles, to being asked to invest in companies,
to sitting on the board of amazing charities and being
asked to attend ridiculously cool events, I am having to
pinch myself each day.
There is no luck in any of this just lots and lots of
personal growth and carefully focused attention
towards success. If you’re not experiencing this just
yet, set yourself a goal that for the next three months
you will do nothing but consume self-development
content in the form of books, documentaries, podcasts
and audiobooks.
At the end of the three months, I want you to then
spread at least one idea from this content with
someone new each day. If you do this for three
months, this new habit will pretty quickly see your
career opportunities change for the better.
3. Strangers wanting to
have coffee
I did an interesting exercise a few weeks ago and had a
look at my iPhone calendar from a few years ago.
When I compared it to now, there were dozens more
requests to have coffee with people. I have added this
to the list of things that have showed me that I am on
the path to success.
The invitations seem to come out of nowhere. No
matter where I go I seem to meet at least one
interesting person who insists on having coffee at
some point in the near future – for those of you who
know me well, you know I only drink green tea, not
coffee, but that’s another story.
I often return to my office after these encounters and
don’t think much of it but then sure enough I have an
email sitting in my inbox with the calendar invite. Some
of these calendar invites are what turn into interviews
on this site.
The crazy thing about these interviews is that I get to
learn ideas and concepts that I could have never come
across before. I then have to write out these concepts
in the form of an article, which just reinforces and
creates further references that I use to keep me on the
path to success.
I once listened to a Tony Robbins audiotape that
suggested that you should budget a portion of your
monthly income into taking out successful people for
coffee or lunch. I can’t stress enough that when I
came across this idea, I begun to see the money spent
on coffees and lunches as an investment in me, rather
than an expense.
4. Red eyes being replaced
with eyes whiter than
whipped cream
I compared some photos of myself from a few years
back and noticed that my eyes were no longer red like
they used to be. It would not be uncommon for me to
get at least five people per day comment on why I look
so tired and how come my eyes are red, and even
make jokes about me being stoned from marijuana (I
despise marijuana).
If I compare the comments to now, most people are
telling me I look full of energy, have glowing skin and
seem very healthy. This has shown me that I am on
the road to success because most successful people
say that being healthy is a big part of where they are
When I had red eyes and felt sick every day I was
being sucked in by the Western diet of high fats and
sugars, which was affecting my mood and making me
tired every day. When I began drinking more water and
practicing the daily habit of drinking green juice, the
red eyes disappeared overnight.
5. An influx of comments
on your birthday
I recently had a birthday, and I saw further signs I was
on the path to success when all my social media
platforms and email lit up with people sending me
birthday messages from all over the world. Only a year
prior I would be lucky to get even a quarter of the
messages I get now.
Once you start a life of growth and giving, people seem
to reciprocate this back to you. I stopped focusing on
what I could get and focused more on what I could
give. The result was all the inspiring messages I got on
my birthday. I now believe that it’s always best to be
humble and appreciate even the little things like
6. Daily inspirational
emails from strangers
I am not making this up when I say that every day now
I consistently get inspiring emails and messages from
people of all walks of life. Many of them have read my
articles or seen me at a function and just want to
reach out.
This sign of success comes because I think the law of
attraction works in your favour when you put out
messages into the world that are helpful and inspire
people to change their life. I find that reading these
messages each day compounds my motivation and
passion even further.
A lot of the success signs I am sharing with you in this
article have that magical compounding effect that
Warren Buffet always talks about with investing. The
hardest part for me was to get moving towards
momentum. Once the momentum starts, you just need
to control it, appreciate it and nurture it going forward.
7. Being asked to speak at
different engagements
As I look back on the first half of this year, I have also
been asked to speak on many different occasions.
When you’re on the path to success people see value
you in what you represent. It’s only human nature that
people want you to share the value they see in what
you do, with everybody else.
It’s after the extreme moments of growth that you find
your true passion, which puts you on purpose; that
focuses your attention on one pursuit. The thing I try
and remember is It’s not that I was never good at what
I am doing now, it’s just that I never focused enough
time on it because my effort was spread too broadly.
I used to always believe that I wasn’t good at speaking
in front of other people, and it just wasn’t part of my
DNA. While I am a long way from being any good at
speaking, I have come a long way this year towards
being able to present moments of value for others.
If I am asked to speak about something that is outside
of my true passion, I find that my speaking skills and
confidence immediately drop right off. Even when I
have spoken about something and thought I did a poor
job of it, people still tell me I did very well.
I now try and remember that as long as I deliver at
least one useful point, the rest of my talk can be a
train wreck and people will still get value.
*** Final Thought***
To sum up all of these signs that I am on a path to
success, would be to say quite simply, have something
of value to say, put your passion into it, give when you
can and the universe will take care of the rest for you.
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