4 ways to get addicted for greatness

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

You read a specific blog every day, waiting to devour
the next motivational post on how to achieve success.
After reading you feel ecstatic thinking, “Hey I can do
exactly as this post proposes myself!”And the next day
you come back to the same blog chasing that
emotional high of confirmation.
This happens with a lot of people who become fans of
motivational blogs, how to blogs and wildly successful
people who chart their experience and progress
through their own personal blogs. Most of the readers
become stuck in the awe of others success and never
journey out on their own to create their own experiences
with success . They become a motivational junky but
never become a process junky who takes the actions
required to be successful.
Are you addicted to the success of others but are
afraid to create success of your own?
Are you mentally motivated by success but unsure of
how to implement the effective actions which will
produce your desired success?
Are you a “champion” of success but secretly
miserable because you have not found it?
If your answer is yes to these questions, it’s time for
you to become addicted to your own success. You
must now stop the constant thinking and talking about
success and began to immediately start applying
massive action towards success. We are going to get
you out of the constant thinking mode and instead get
you to start implementing strategy and executing upon
that strategy with effective actions.
Here are the 4 ways to become addicted
to your own success :
1. Define your desired
success in detail
All the time you hear; define your goals or define your
desired lifestyle. While these instructions are keys
towards getting your mind thinking about what success
means to you, they just don’t go deep enough. I really
want you to dig deep when defining your desired level
of success , which is designed specifically for you.
This is done because we don’t want to produce a
general overview. Doing so doesn’t really focus your
mindset nor does it give you specific actions to take.
What we want to create is a complete layout of your
lifestyle , investment portfolio goals, business growth,
giving back initiatives; very intricate details.
This very specific layout enables you to see the
endgame in the beginning; providing you with direction
as to how you will operate effectively to achieve the
success you desire.
2. Work within the strategy
as you develop it
The fatal mistake many people commit; is designing a
plan of action but never taking the action that had been
planned . Following through and execution are very
important when in the pursuit of success. Without
implementing these two actions, you have very vivid
dreams which remain dormant.
The key here is to perform the tasks you have listed
out immediately. Don’t wait for perfect timing. That is
procrastination, which is a form of an excuse to not do
anything. If the strategy is written down today, perform
the supporting tasks tomorrow so that you can
immediately begin the process of taking action.
This helps reinforce the notion that time is valuable. So
therefore your every thought towards success should
be met with a resulting action. You will realize that
every moment wasted on non-essential things, distracts
you from the process of acquiring success.
3. Make your desired
success an obsession
It’s one thing to dream of success and it is another
thing to live within success. “But I don’t have success
right now,” you say . “How can I live within something I
don’t have,” is your question .
A reminder of your desired success must be
everywhere for you to see so that it literally drives you
insane until it is a reality you live within.
Keep the vision in your daily goals journal
Have the vision taped next to your mirror in the
bathroom so you see it when you wake up in the
Hang the vision up in your office so that it holds you
accountable if you begin to slack off
Set the vision as a reminder in your phone that goes
off beginning of day, middle of day and end of day
Hang around and communicate with people who have
achieved the success you desire
Make it an obsession that surrounds your every waken
moment of the day!
4. Constantly challenge
yourself to achieve more
Complacency can ruin your ability to think successfully
very quickly . You cannot think successfully when you
believe you have nothing more to accomplish or prove.
Being content means you have lost the hunger for a
challenge and truly lost the hunger for success.
What you have done in the past is currently being
sought out to be outdone by someone else who is
obsessed with acquiring the success you have. Life is
a journey, therefore it doesn’t conclude until your last
breath is taken. You must look at success the same
way. Remember to seek success in other forms beyond
business success.
Success is about achieving a life that is abundant
beyond monetary gain . See money as a means to an
end. It can bring you the freedom to gain experiences
rather than merely exist. There is always more that can
be achieved.
I want you to become addicted to your own success.
The only thing that separates successful people from
average people is the obsession they have for their
success. In turn they support this obsession by taking
massive, effective actions. Feed your addiction to

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