Live on purpose..!!

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Living in a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up
in a vicious cycle of life’s distractions.
From chasing the next dollar, to dropping kids off to
school, and racing between personal and professional
obligations, while making it all look easy.
Sometimes, you are moving so quickly that you don’t
take the time to slow down and “ smell the roses” or
take inventory of what’s happening in your life. In order
to remain loving, happy and healthy, there needs to be
a balance . Choose to live your life on purpose and not
just simply drift through daily tasks and routines.
Here are 5 way to live your life on
purpose :
1. Learn to say no!
There are many of you who may feel like you are
letting people down if you say ” no” and assert yourself.
Perhaps you are the person in your family or at work
that everyone relies on. With this type of expectation, it
can create pressure on you to overextend yourself.
Learning to stand in your truth and honoring your
feelings is your right and choice to do what is best for
yourself .
2. Make time for YOU!
Taking care of others can be a very rewarding
experience . The self-less act of giving is remarkable.
However, there are times when that same care must
be provided and given to you. It is acceptable to admit
that you need a break or need help. This doesn’t mean
you are selfish, but that you include self-care in your
daily health and wellness plan. Whether it’s getting up
early to meditate, going for a walk or heading to the
gym, this quality time will re-energize you and prepare
you for the day ahead. It is very important to make
yourself a priority , as when you feel better, you will be
better to those around you.
3. Set the clock
You may be thinking of an alarm clock that is set to
wake you up for work or other activities. But, I am
referring to a “ mental clock”. Too often, we are putting
too much time and energy where it isn’t deserved or
surrounding ourselves around those who are mentally
draining . Start deciding to put a time limit on those
situations or people who are not adding value to your
life. It is acceptable to recognize that there will be
times when you will have to re-assess relationships in
order to grow. Pay attention to life’s signals and decide
when it’s time to move the clock forward .
4. Choose happy
Life is what you make it. You can either let it steer you
in any direction or you will choose to live it the way
you want . Now, there are moments where this may
seem impossible or very difficult. It is all about your
perspective . You can decide to let life’s setbacks keep
you down or you can take each day as an opportunity
to learn new things. It will not be easy, but you can
decide at any time which way you want to go.
5. Getting past GO!
You now have the confidence to set boundaries and
say “ no” when it’s necessary. As you learn to make
time for yourself, you will begin to re-evaluate all
situations and things in your life and set the clock on
those that don’t bring out the best in you. The choice
to be happy becomes easier, while you develop
guidelines to move your life to where you want to be.
Take each day as it comes and decide how you will
handle it, don’t let it handle you. You can achieve great
things, but only if you believe that it is possible. Go
forward with excitement, energy and passion, and you
will see amazing results. This new direction leads up to
you going after what you want and living your life on

posted by Hari Krish

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