Commit! Show up! Respect the HUSTLE!

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized


There are days when I wake up and don’t feel like getting out of bed. I feel like it would be best if I just stayed in bed all day and do nothing! Yeah just like that Bruno Mars song… But that is just not the outlook I want to have! That is not the way to achieve success. That attitude (while completely normal) is the wrong one; and if embraced and allowed to flourish, will destroy us and cause us to fail miserably!

Being committed literally means “…being dedicated to a cause or activity.” or “ engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.”  But how committed are you? What are you actually committed to? Are you afraid to commit? Are you afraid to show up consistently no matter what!? …even if you don’t ‘feel like it’? …even if you don’t feel motivated?

I will be the first to admit…

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