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sennaposter121 years ago South America and the F1 world lost a LEGEND, Brazilian Ayrton Senna! I watched the 2010 documentary (Senna) this morning and… well, it hit me again.

Senna died following a crash at the San Marino Grand Prix. Many theories and controversy followed his death. One of the theories is that he lost consciousness before hitting the wall, other theory was suicide.

Regardless, this was the sudden death of a brilliant driver who had mesmerized fans all over the world in his pursuit of speed.

But Senna was more than a racing driver; he was a philanthropist and a cultural ambassador for his native Brazil. He was a compassionate man who quietly donated millions to the local charities for no other reason than he genuinely loved his country and wanted to make it a better place. He was true CHAMPION.

For many, Senna is the greatest driver of all time. For everyone…

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