5 Exciting Ways Winners Conquer Defeat

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Do you ever feel like you’re in a race against something
that does not want you to see the light of day?
We’ll just call this thing “defeat”, because evidently
that’s what will happen if it gets to the finish line first,
and you know it because you’ve been there. But it
seems to get worse. Every time you go through another
challenge, the circumstance is no doubt tougher than
the last.
In the beginning, maybe you feared your own
greatness; how amazing you can be and that kept you
from advancing. But now that you’ve been through the
ringer, there’s nothing that sounds sweeter. You
welcome the chance to finally be free and to finally
taste the victory that awaits you.
It’s there. No matter how dark things get, your freedom
is still there . It’s calling to you right now, and it is not
an illusion. It’s not some mythical goddess in a distant
ocean fog haunting you with something you can’t have.
It’s very real, and it needs you now more than ever.
You are the missing puzzle piece to that life, and
without you, we will all miss out on what could have
You have to conquer defeat! So here are 5
ways to do it:
1. Drown out the noise
I’m talking about the garbage you see on the news, TV
shows, the commercials, and the tabloids that are
currently flooding your mind with useless and
debilitating information. It’s doing nothing but harming
your efforts and slowing your progress .
If you are sitting down watching TV, maybe nothing
else excites you and so you live vicariously through
other characters that are living their dreams. Shut off
the TV, and go live your dream , not theirs.
2. Affirm how great you
Especially if you’ve been watching the news and have
been filled with a ridiculous amount of negativity, you
need to bounce back and never stop affirming to
yourself how awesome and amazing you really are.
Write down all the positive attributes about yourself,
including the kind of person you’re stepping to.
The perfect you! Make sure you read this to yourself
every day. Perhaps when you wake up or when you go
to bed. Just convince yourself of this truth, because it
is true. You are every great thing you know you are
and want to become.
3. Live with a sense of
Again, this year has flown by! Another year is almost
gone and then next year will do the same thing. This
kind of puts the pressure on me to not miss out on my
freedoms, to not miss out on this world, and to not
miss out on my dreams.
Your dreams are valuable, and if you don’t live them; if
you don’t maximize your chance to live your dreams
you’ve wasted a great opportunity. Live each day as
though you’re on a timeline to reach your freedoms
because you are. Time will not wait for you . Don’t waste
another moment.
4. Flood your mind with
good, positive and
uplifting information
This needs to be an intentional act in your life.
Obviously you know this, or you wouldn’t be reading
this article right now and spending time on websites
like this. It will propel you and give you the juice you
need to succeed much faster .
It will make you an expert in your field much faster, it
will make you feel good, and you will live a much
happier life because of all the good stuff you have
filled your mind with. You need all that happiness and
wisdom. It is fuel to get you to the next level and it’s
the kind of fuel that just keeps making you better.
5. Surround yourself with
People who are driven and like-minded like you, the
coaches who want to help you get there, and the
people who are already succeeding at a level you want
to be at, are all part of that world of winners that you
need to keep in your life.
It makes you much better because you start to take on
their habits by nature. People pick up each other’s
ways. If you hang around thugs, you’ll probably do
thuggish things. If you hang around five millionaires,
I’ve heard that you’ll probably soon become the sixth.

posted by Hari Krish

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