14 killer actions to build confidence

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The reason Mr. Disney believed confidence was so
important is because it gives humans a mental attitude
of “I can do this.” And with that attitude, things
actually are accomplished.
But Disney had a lot of support – a family, investors,
and a dedicated staff. It’s easy to have confidence
when everyone around you is encouraging and
supporting you. It is not so easy when you are “ out
there ” on your own, with a lot of self-doubt, with only
yourself to depend on to muster up the self-confidence
you need to achieve your goals. But it can be done –
not overnight – but it can be done!
Here are 14 very practical, nuts and bolts
things you can begin to do right now that
will build that self-confidence you need :
1. Set small goals
Set small goals that are challenging but achievable and
short-term. Paint a room, learn a new computer skill,
jog ¼ of a mile. Each achievement will bring more
confidence and spur you on to tougher goals.
2. Learn everything you
Find topics of interest and research them online.
Watch the “Discovery Channel” – their programs are
fascinating, cover a huge variety of topics, and are so
well presented, the information is difficult to forget.
You will be amazed at how the knowledge about a
topic that comes up in conversation will impress
others. Each time someone expresses being impressed,
another thought is planted in your head that you have
3. Take care of your
physical appearance
You don’t have to look like a god or goddess, but a
shower, clean hair, a shave, or some makeup will make
you more confident.
4. Dress well
Don’t go to the grocery store in the clothes your just
wore for yard work. Clean up when you go out in public,
or even when you are simply hanging out at home. A
good appearance tells your mind that you are worth
being around .
5. Watch your posture and
your walk
Self-confident people stand up straight and walk rather
briskly. Practice this at home first and then when you
go out, just getting into the physical “ feel ” of
confidence can send good messages to your mind.
6. Speak slowly
That’s what confident people do. They want others to
hear everything they say. People who lack confidence
speak fast and often mumble because they are afraid
of what others might think about their contributions to
a topic. Again, practice at home until this is a habit.
7. Trash the negative
Here is a really easy mental game you can play. When
a negative thought about yourself creeps in, stop it
immediately . See it in your mind’s eye as an ant and
picture yourself stomping on it. Once you kill it, it turns
into something that is really appealing to you – a big
juicy hamburger, a flower. This takes practice, but you
have to make it a habit .
8. List all of your good
List all of your good qualities; post them everywhere,
read them out loud to yourself every day. Are you a
great accountant or lab assistant? Write it, read it, and
speak it!
9. Get outside of yourself
Volunteer somewhere – anywhere! Whether you go to a
hospital, tutor kids at a community center, read to
people in a nursing home, or take care of animals in a
shelter, you will get a great sense of accomplishment as
you see others appreciate you, Being appreciated by
others is a huge confidence booster.
10. Stop whining about
Stop whining about a problem that you think you can’t
fix. Develop a sound plan to solve it and follow through
with it.
11. Write down your
What do you believe are the values that you hold most
dear? If you have trouble with this, it is no wonder you
lack confidence. Confident people know what they
stand for. If you can’t think of anything, write down the
“ Golden Rule .” Then live it!
12. Challenge yourself
Each time you accomplish something you have never
done before, your confidence grows. I once knew a
woman whose husband died suddenly, leaving a British
sports car he was restoring in pieces on the garage
floor. She was at a real “ low ” and certainly lacking in
confidence about her ability to make it on her own.
She took that car manual and, every night and on the
weekends, she put that car back together. It took a
few months, but when she was finished, she knew she
could tackle most anything.
13. Write a book
Why not? Even if it is never published, just finishing it
builds your confidence in your ability to take on a big
task and complete it!
14. Increase your
Do this in small steps. You want to be a writer? Start
small. Write a few blog posts or articles and submit
them. Advertise yourself as a freelancer., pick up small
jobs. With every submission that is approved and with
every little writing job you get, your confidence builds.
Always keep that in mind! Becoming self-confidence all
on your own is permanent. You will never have to
worry about losing if your support is suddenly gone.
Thank you for reading my article! What
actions would you add to this list?

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