10 Easy Wins to Keep You Motivated When You’re Tempted to Quit

Posted: September 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

You remember the beginning. Back when you could see
the change you wanted to make. You were wildly
excited about the new you that was just around the
Seems a little naive now. Now it’s getting hard. You
think, maybe where I am is ok. I can circle back to this
later when I have more time and energy. Plus you feel
like you’re just plodding along, not really getting
The end is not in sight, and you aren’t sure you’ll
actually be able to make it there. You’re just flat out
tired of having to drag yourself along when you aren’t
even sure it’s worth it. We all face this when we try to
start something new.
If you are doing anything outside of your comfort zone ,
you are likely to hit a wall. But getting through it
doesn’t have to feel like you’re digging yourself out of
prison with a spoon. Instead, it can feel like winning all
the time, or a lot of the time anyway, even though
getting to your actual goal may be a long way off. The
key is to have little wins along the way .
Here’s 10 categories where you can find
an easy win. Then you can let that
momentum keep you headed towards your
1. Take it easy
On your list of to-dos, there is a spectrum of stuff that
is really hard that is super easy. Focus on the easy,
quick stuff . Maybe it’s a quick reply to an email or
paying that bill you’ve been meaning to pay. Doesn’t
matter. Take the 20 seconds and do it.
2. Who you calling lazy?
Everyone wants to be more fit. So take a step towards
that goal and you get a win. No need to train for a
marathon here, we are talking small, incremental wins,
not big insurmountable things.
Do something that is slightly taxing, but nothing that
sends you to the showers ( for example, 5 pushups, 20
bodyweight squats, or 20 sit-ups )
3. Your body is a temple
When you are in the depths of fighting tooth and nail to
keep yourself headed towards your goals, you can
pretty easily forget to make healthy choices. Plus you
use up most of your willpower just trying to stick to
your goals, so saying no to the cookie is that much
Get a healthy win by taking a break from the continual
flow of caffeinated liquids and have some regular old
water. You know, the stuff literally every cell in your
body needs. Chug a full glass. Then bask in the glory
of doing something right for your body.
4. Put your mind to it
It can be overwhelming to manage the ever increasing
to-do list in your head. Which often leads to just giving
up or spinning your wheels on unimportant tasks so you
feel like you are doing something. But the reality is, if
you would take a moment, and give yourself, and your
brain, a break so that you could make an intentional
choice about what to do next, you would be far better
This win gives you that break. Stop what you are doing
and take 5 deep belly breaths through your nose ( or
your mouth if your nose is stuffy). I’m not saying you
will have the clarity of the Dalai Lama , but it will give
you an opportunity to objectively look at what you are
doing and decide whether you need to redirect your
efforts or just keep plugging along.
5. Friends are forever
When we really hit the doldrums of trying to keep
momentum with our new change, we can feel isolated
and lonely. And that makes it hard to keep going.
So go get an easy win that reminds you that you aren’t
actually all alone. Go smile at someone and ask them
how their day is going. That will remind you that you
aren’t on an island, and that’s a big win that we all
need periodically.
6. You deserve a break
today (leisure)
When you feel like you just want to quit, it might be
that you just need to. You might need a break. A
chance to catch your breath and recharge your
batteries . So take a break. It’s a win if it’s intentional.
7. Blood is thicker than
water (family)
Your family can suffer when you are in the nitty gritty of
making a big change happen. It’s not good, but it’s
pretty normal to take them for granted, spending your
energy on pushing through, instead of showing them
you appreciate them.
So send your mom, your dad, your spouse, your sibling,
or your kid a text. Tell them you were thinking about
them and that you love and appreciate them . That’s
it. It’ll take less than a minute. And it will feel good. It
will also make them feel good.
8. We only get one earth
Whether or not you are super concerned about climate
change or the environment, just about everyone can
agree that sustainability is a good thing .
Find something sitting around that can be recycled, and
then put it in a recycling bin.
9. Pigsties aren’t a great
place to work or live
People say that a pretty good indication of whether you
are mentally organized is to look at where you live and
That may or may not be true ( or maybe I just don’t want
to admit to the truth of it… ), but when your workspace is
messy, it adds an item to your already overwhelming
to-do list ( even if it’s just in the back of your head ).
So clear yourself of that burden by tidying up your
workspace. You will pretty much instantly feel like you
have more control over things, including the pursuit of
your goal.
10. Wildcard
This one is specific to you and the type of work you
are doing. Ask yourself the following questions: First,
what do you need to get done tomorrow to keep
moving towards your goal. Second, what is the next
thing you can do today to set yourself up to succeed
tomorrow. Then do that.
Next time sticking to your goal feels like walking
through quicksand, pick an easy win and make it happen.
Let yourself enjoy the success. Instead of looking at
the path to your goal as a long trek through the desert,
look at it as a huge single-elimination tournament.
You need hundreds of wins to get to the championship,
your ultimate goal. But, as you work your way through
the bracket, you can celebrate each one of those wins,
making the journey fun, instead of such a huge chore.
So set up your bracket, give yourself smaller tasks as
And when you feel stuck, turn to one of the easy wins
above to get a little momentum and a pick me up.
Then get back to it, and win the next one. Do that, and
the bracket will fall away. Before you know it, you’ll be
hoisting the trophy and celebrating your own personal

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