7 Reasons Why Stubbing Your Toe Is Better Than Applying For Graduate Jobs

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Joshua Room

Sometimes you’ll be innocently going about your business, barefoot in your kitchen, when you will accidently commit the unforgivable sin of walking too close to a table leg, resulting in a stubbed toe. It’s during this excruciatingly painful moment that you could be forgiven for thinking nothing has ever been this bad. But oh, you sweet summer child, there’s always something worse.

Here are seven reasons that stubbing your toe is far, far superior to applying for graduate jobs.

1. No Judgment

No one’s going to tell you that you stubbed your toe wrong, unless you’ve entered some sort of toe stubbing Olympics, in which case what is wrong with you? There’s no pressure to proofread or make yourself sound interesting when on paper you seem more boring than an empty piece of A4 paper on top of a plain meringue on a bed of kitchen roll. (New…

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