5 Ways To Boost Your Ego For Success

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Ego as defined by dictionary.com is: self-esteem, self-
image or feelings. Yet the majority of society
understands and or relates the term EGO to negativity.
If having a high self-image means one has an ego it is
not necessarily a bad thing. It takes a certain amount
of ego to do many things that are required of us to
succeed in the entrepreneurial world.
If we truly examine the meaning of ego we will realize
that having a good self-image and self-esteem helps us
to do the meaningful things in life . In saying this, people
need to stop throwing around the word ego in a
negative manner. Developing an ego takes a lot of
work. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes years to
cultivate the ego trait.
When you fly the friendly skies, the flight attendant
instructs everyone, that in the event of an emergency
to put their oxygen mask on before they help others.
That doesn’t mean every man for himself. That means
suck in some air so you can effectively assist others.
That goes with ego too; you have to suck in some ego.
So when you look at it from that perspective putting
your ego on is no different than putting your oxygen
mask on.
Yes, there are some who abuse their egos, but you
don’t have to be one of those people. If you want an
ego of your own, learn how to use it to lift yourself up ,
and catapult yourself into the life of success that you
deserve and desire. People are inspired and take note
of people who courageously put themselves out there,
and to do so you are going to need a healthy ego.
Here are 5 things you can do to boost
your ego :
1. Feed it
In order for anything to grow it has to be placed in an
environment that is conducive to growth . Your ego is no
different. Read some great books, take a class on self-
confidence, and stay away from those who are dream
Books feed your mind with information and shape the
way you think about things, a good self-confidence
class, programs you to have a great self-image, and
staying away from dream busters keeps the toxic
distractions out of your life and enables you to grow.
When you feed your mind with empowering beliefs it in
turn feeds your ego and releases a new self-believing
attitude and results.
2. Let go of bad habits
Letting go of bad habits helps condition us to create
better habits in our daily lives. Limited self-belief
creates critical thoughts and behaviors; those thoughts
and behaviors send out signals to the outside world
that we lack self-esteem. We have to break the bad
habit of thinking poorly of ourselves.
The vibrations exchanged between ourselves and the
reactions of others in return make us feel stuck, weak
and unmotivated to move forward. When choosing to
drown out the negative chatter in our head we are
choosing to look at things positively and doing so, will
empower us to feel good about ourselves and motivate
us to demonstrate those actions.
3. Get a pet
According to the research published in the Journal of
Personality and Social Psychology pet ownership has
been shown to increase self-confidence , combat
loneliness, boost physical activity, and instill a sense of
responsibility that is truly rewarding.
Perhaps it is the unconditional love that our pets give
us that helps reinforce our ego. What gets noticed, gets
repeated in life. When our pets do something that make
us feel good we respond by repeating the same action
that elicited their response. This applies in the human
world as well. When someone praises us for our
actions we repeat the action. Their praise solidifies
that our actions are acceptable.
4. Pump up your
In Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive: The Third Metric
to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-
Being, Wisdom and Wonder, she talks about the
importance of the different areas of your life that you
should feed.
Exercising: promotes good health, and reduces your
chances of illnesses.
Eating healthy: nourishes the body, contributes to
sustained weight maintenance, elevates your moods,
and increases your energy levels.
Getting more sleep: improves your cognitive thinking
as well as gives you the energy to do the everyday
things in life that need to get done.
All of these things play a very vital role in your
appearance and brand image. When you feel good
about how you look it causes your self-esteem to
5. Walk the walk
A healthy ego builds incredible momentum . Not only in
your personal image, but your brand image as well.
Believe it or not, the two often go hand in hand. Have
you ever seen Darren Hardy from Success Magazine
take the stage? He exudes every part of the brand
Success, from the way he dresses, the way he is
groomed, and even the way he struts across the stage.
When people think of Darren Hardy they think Success.
He walks the Success walk.
If you want to succeed in the entrepreneurial world you
have to remember you need an ego. So be comfortable
in your own skin, learn how to walk to your own beat
of your drum, start thinking of what success looks like
to you, and when you do, it will give you the confidence
to tell others to let go of your ego, too!
Thank you for reading my article!

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