8 Universal Truths To Ask Yourself to Get Back On Track

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have been doing a lot of reflection recently and
asking myself questions around whether I am currently
successful. To answer this question, I figured out that
it is very important to assess where your life is at
No matter what you are doing today, your life is going
to go off track at some point. The only way to get
back on track is evaluate and realign yourself. Success
is not going to happen all by itself. Success requires
you to evolve constantly and change course.
When I went through the process of evaluating where I
was at, I noticed that I had taken a wrong turn with a
few areas of my life. The good news is that when you
reflect, you can self-diagnose and get back to where
you want to go.
apologise in advance because there is going to be lots
of capital letters in this article).
So with that said, below are the eight
universal truths that you should ask
yourself right now!
1. What would it take for
me to shift my life up
another level?
In an interview I just completed today for
Addicted2Success, the interviewee told me that to
achieve the impossible, you need to get out of your
comfort zone. You need to constantly challenge your
beliefs and not live in a state of comfort all the time.
When was the last time you were really uncomfortable?
I found that one universal truth that will help you is to
ask yourself how you would take life to the next level.
Make sure that this is hypothetical so you don’t limit
your brainstorming.
Even if you’re life is perfect, how could it be even
better? The answers to these questions will get you
some valuable information that you can use. The next
step is to want to go to the next level. If you’re not
constantly taking things up a notch you will suffer three
– you will become lazy
– you will lose your passion
– you will have no drive
2. Do I think I am
The next question to ask yourself is around your
current feeling towards whether you are successful or
not. If you ask most people whether they are
successful, they will probably tell you “not yet, but one
day I will be.”
The reality is that “one day” never comes and this false
NOW, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL! If there is only one
thing you get from this article, then let it be that. You
might be homeless, with no food and no clothes, but
you are still successful. Why?
The reason is because even in this very dire situation
you are successful at something. In this example, you
are successful at surviving with absolutely nothing. You
know what it’s like to live out in the freezing cold and
still stay alive. These traits are things I would die for in
the business world personally.
When you reflect on your success and use this advice,
you will realise that you already are successful but that
there are things you can do to be more successful.
One you know what those things are, all you have to do
is go out there and take action!
3. Am I giving back
This universal truth is one that should be fairly easy to
answer, but it’s misleading. Don’t mistake the phrase
“giving back” with the word money. When I say that
you need to ask yourself how much you have given, I
am not just talking about money.
I am also talking about what you have given back in
other forms like posting useful information, doing cool
introductions to people within your network, helping
people come up with an idea, or even just mentoring
someone and providing them advice.
If the answer to this question is no, then the universe
is not going to be working in your favour. This is not
bad luck; it’s because you haven’t given enough. Start
giving and you will start to have more of what most
people call good luck without even trying.
If you are lacking in this area of your life then the
remedy is simple; wake up tomorrow, and do one thing
that helps another person without asking for anything
in return – SIMPLE!
4. Am I creating real value
You’ll hear me say this one a lot. Ask yourself what
value you create each day. What things do you do that
others are happy to pay you for? IF THERE IS ONLY
In this modern world, the more you create value, the
more you are worth in monetary terms. It’s very hard to
survive on one form of income, and so you need to
assess this area of your life carefully.
When I look at this part of my own life, I have seen
multiple areas where I am creating value but there is
still more to do. The benefit of asking yourself this
question is that you can do something about it. It’s
okay that this area of my life is still lacking; it means I
have something fulfilling to look forward to.
5. Am I in a state of
happiness most of the
More than anything, if you’re not happy each day, then
you are going to go off track very quickly. To be happy,
though, you need to be able to find joy in small things
like having the time to read a book, eating nice food,
watching a good movie etc.
If your standards are too high for happiness, then you
are always going to be miserable. By asking yourself
this question you should be able to work out a few
– Have you yelled at people recently?
– Do you get impatient in traffic?
– Are you dying to get home from your business / work
each day?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then
there is a good chance you are not happy. Now being
the health freak that I am, I would probably say that
your energy levels are low due to a poor diet, so you
are getting frustrated easier, and, therefore, you don’t
have the energy you need to function.
This process starts the unhappiness cycle. Now energy
is not the only element, the way you think about your
happiness also matters. Should the outcome of this
question be that you are not happy, then it’s time to
take a break, go on a holiday, and reflect with some of
these life truths mentioned here. I AM POSITIVE YOU
6. How can I disrupt my
current way of thinking?
In this booming time of startup culture and activity, the
word disruption is being thrown around a lot more than
it ever used to be. Startups are coming into the market
and disrupting everything in existence. So I thought to
myself the other day, how could I use this same
successful way of thinking in my own life?
The answer is quite simple; apply the same concepts
that the startup culture are now so famous for. Look
for an area in your life that has got stale or has been
the same for a long time. Consider whether this area of
your life could be turned on its head in search of
something better.
So the result that I got from this question was that
there are three things that I haven’t challenged in a
long time:
– Why are my energy levels not as high as I want them
to be?
– Is the current way that I make income broad
– Are my beliefs in need of an update?
So from these three questions I have decided to go on
a 38 day fast / cleanse, start up a new part time
business venture and connect with people that have
nearly died doing something impossible. Already, I am
seeing major disruption and increases in my level of
7. Am I happy with every
person that is currently
around me?
There is no secret to this one; you need to watch who
you hang around with. It’s very easy for people to
creep into your life who can slowly start to sabotage
your success. It might be something as harmless as
you spending time with someone who has a similar
business to you.
What started out as sharing business advice, can
quickly result in them passing on their disempowering
beliefs about why a particular business sector can’t be
successful. Stand guard at the door of your network
entrance. When someone gets in who starts having a
negative impact on you, don’t be afraid to disconnect
with them.
Always ask yourself why someone is in your network. It
could be because they make you a better person, you
love them, they teach you about business, or you share
a favourite hobby, just make sure they’re in your
network for a good reason. Only you can decide this,
but if you reflect on this universal truth, you will quickly
be able to get back on track.
8. Do I have the most
amount of energy
I touched on this one before briefly, but the universal
truth is that you need the energy to create or do
anything that is going to result in success. When you
are at home, sick, and have the flu, do you want to
change the world? (I shouldn’t answer this one
because I will say yes).
Most people will say no; they are not in the right
mindset. Your energy levels are fundamental, and so
you need to ask yourself, how have my energy levels
been? Be honest with yourself and write down the
times recently where your energy levels have been low.
Now, if your energy levels have been low recently
that’s okay, it just means that it’s time to do a detox
and take care of your body. Now you’re thinking, “I
know Tim, and I do my best to be healthy.” In the case
of your health, your best is not good enough. (Okay I
will stop lecturing, it’s only because I care )
*** Final Thought***
So I hope you got some ideas here about how you can
get back on track and some of the universal truths to
follow. These very truths have transformed where I was
previously at and with practice, they can do the same
for you.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do
something (you can). Even if you’re having wild
success, always stop and evaluate these universal
truths. Never settle for second best and remember that
anything is possible.

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