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Coaching for Inspiration with Patti


This is the time of year to start thinking about what you would like to accomplish for next year by setting goals and having a purpose in life.  From the poll results  “What are the biggest obstacles you face with setting goals?” – Getting Started and Motivation were the top biggest obstacles.

Here are some questions to help on getting started.

  • What would you like to express more in your life and/or career for next year?
  • What are your career interests and aspirations for next year?
  • What contributions do you want to make next year?
  • Why do you want these goals?
  • What is important about these goals?
  • How much energy are you willing to put into achieving these goals?
  • How will you make it happen?
  • How will you stay focused and accountable to obtain these goals?
  • What will life look like after you attain these goals?

Setting goals is…

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