The truth of exams in India

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the middle of my semester examinations,I started to feel it again.. Yes..again..!!
Why exams? And how can a piece of paper decide my future…!! Well,the wait for answer continues..!!
All I have doing for the last 4 years of ma engg degree is filling up ma answer sheets with bullshits….things that have no relation to the subject…. Ended up getting decent A grades though…!!
Back in d summer of ’12,in my good old school days, I valued exams as the ultimate test in a mans life.. (It actually is so in this part of the world,its nt just about me,its about the image of ma parents,my entire family…)

Talks with some wonderful brains helped me to realize the truth and a bit of ego added to it(which I do have in plenty…) Changed ma life ones it for all.. No more exam fevers,no more shivering on the 11th hour.. As enrique say,All ya need s rhythm divine….

Just get in to ur player,have 10 mnts f the god,MNM n rock the party ppl call exams…!!

posted by Hari Krish

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