10 Powerful Ways to Build Unstoppable Confidence

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s a scary thought isn’t it? – “I don’t have what it takes
to make my dreams come true” Success, fame, wealth –
all your dreams might remain…well, just pipe
dreams. You wish you were more confident. Like all
those really successful people you have heard about.
Newsflash – these people are not fundamentally more
confident than you are. They have developed it along
the way. You, yes you , can do the same! Where does
tis confidence come from? Confidence is a feeling, an
emotion, that helps you take challenges head on, gain
the respect of important people and become more
But what’s the source of this confidence? True
confidence that comes from taking action – doing the
right things that get you real results. It’s having the
knowledge that you are on the right track. And here’s
the best part…Taking these confidence boosting
actions is far easier than you think.
Here are 10 powerful ways to build
unstoppable confidence :
1. Find your tribe
Are you trying to win this on your own? Wouldn’t it be
easier if you had friends who share your dreams, as
well as your fears and frustrations? People who will
support you through your ups and downs. To find your
tribe, join a community of ambitious people who are on
the same path as you are. If you have a start-up, go to
entrepreneur meetups; if you want to be a successful
blogger, join an online blogger community. You will gain
access to the collective experience of dozens of smart
people. You will pick up amazing hacks and avoid
unnecessary mistakes. You will also realize: If other
people like you can become successful, why can’t you
too? Your tribe will be an enormous source of
confidence that will propel you towards success. You
are not alone!
2. Choose the right battles
Do you spend too much time trying to ‘fix’ your
weaknesses? For example, you might be great at
marketing, but technology is your worst nightmare.
Trying to solve tech problems might make you feel
helpless and you could end up procrastinating. Devoting
time and energy without results will affect your overall
confidence levels. Instead, why not just outsource or
delegate it? Sometimes, the key to better confidence is
to avoid something, rather than do something. Focus on
your strengths and you will see your confidence soar!
3. Embrace failure
How many times did Edison fail before he succeeded in
inventing the light bulb? Over a thousand! All super-
successful people have experienced numerous failures.
They won because they persisted. They learnt from
their mistakes, changed their approach and kept trying
until they got it right. Simple fact: Anytime you do
something new, you are bound to make mistakes.
Accept this fact, and you will transform failure into a
source of determination, not disappointment.
4. Take tiny steps
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your goal? Does it
seem too difficult? The best way to deal with a
massive undertaking is to break it up into smaller goals
– small projects that you know you can achieve. Jack
Welch, GE’s legendary former CEO, used to stress on
the importance of small daily achievements. These
small wins will fire up your confidence to take on
bigger goals head on!
5. Start right
How you start your day has tremendous influence on
your mood for the rest of the day. Begin your day by
tackling the most important task. Decide what you
want to work on the evening before, so that you can
kick off first thing in the morning. Scratching off the
most important task is like scoring the first goal of the
game! It pumps you up for more action!
6. Get real
Are you trying to do too much? One of the biggest
blows to your confidence happens when you continually
fail to meet your own targets. Instead, set targets that
you know you can accomplish. As Steve Jobs used to
say, “rather than try to do everything, focus on a few
things that yield the maximum results”. It’s important
to push your limits, but don’t push yourself ( and your
confidence ) off the edge!
7. Make a movie
Is the thought of an upcoming project, client meeting
or presentation giving you the jitters? Try this hack that
helped Michael Phelps win 22 Olympic medals. Close
your eyes for 2 minutes and play a mental movie of the
upcoming task. Anticipate the challenges and visualize
yourself tackling them successfully. Michael Phelps
used to do this every time before a swim. This simple
visualization can fill you with a champion’s confidence.
8. Get physical
Your body has a powerful influence on your mood.
Whenever you feel the pangs of doubt, get up and do a
few pushups or spot jogging. Pumping adrenaline into
your system is a sure-fire way of switching on your
fighting mode. If you really want to notice a permanent
improvement in confidence, start exercising for just
10-15 minutes a day. The Eastern Ontario Research
Institute concluded from a study, that people who
exercised twice a week for 10 weeks felt more
competent in several areas of life – socially,
academically, and athletically. No wonder billionaire
Richard Branson swears by exercise.
9. Get a coach
Do you have someone to guide you personally?
Someone who will help you set the right goals and
targets, support and push you to execute those goals
and correct you when you are going wrong? Eric
Schmidt, former CEO of Google said that his best
advice to new CEOs is to have a coach. A coach can
give you the confidence that you are on the right track,
help you make far fewer mistakes and seriously speed
up your success. Why not try this?
10. Make fear your friend
Ever heard of ‘ Productive Paranoia ’? It’s a term
bestselling author Jim Collins uses in his book, ‘Great
by Choice’. It means that if you are afraid, you will take
action to address the cause of fear. Bill Gates said
that he used to worry about what an unknown teenager
might be working on in his garage that might make
existing technology obsolete. He channelled that fear
into working even harder. Use your fear to take action.
You will no longer feel helpless, but in control . That’s
when your confidence will take a huge leap. You can
take it on!
Confidence doesn’t come out of thin air. It’s earned by
the things that we do, by the small actions that we
take every single day. You can build unstoppable
confidence. You do have what it takes to make your
dreams come true.
Which of the above actions will you take
today to supercharge your confidence?

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