Wireless Wednessday: Adjusting the Program

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

People of the Sun

Thanksgiving, a time of indulgence.

I allowed my family to eat and do basically whatever they wanted for the 4 days of uninterrupted family time.  Dylan, my 9 year old immediately took to Mind Craft and my daughter to her Frozen Castle and random doll population.  It was wonderful.


My son began to change.  I didn’t notice at first, it was subtle, I thought he was tired.  But as the days continued on, and he returned to school there was a very noticeable change.

He seemed annoyed by…life.

He was Irritable.  He was being short, impatient, and rude to his sister constantly (its normal in moderation for him).  He was insulting, and responding to me like I was bothering him.  Huffing and puffing.  Worst of all, he was moved to tears when it was time to shut the video games off.

I am not saying that unchecked video gaming is the Cause of ADHT and a multitude…

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  1. bmxbadgirl says:

    Good Morning, Thank you so much for the Reblog. This is the 1st post that anyone has reblogged for me and its incredibly encouraging! Have an Excellent Day!


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