How I Stay Motivated And Crush It – 7 Steps

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I approach one of the biggest weeks of my life I
wanted to share with you a question, I get asked all
the time. The question is, how do I stay motivated and
manage to crush it? Now this is not an easy question
to answer in one blog post but I will do my best.
What you are about to read is a bit of a rant, but a
positive one that we’ll inspire you as always. It will
take you through the basics in the simplest form I
know how. I’m no expert but I have learnt a thing or
two along the way so maybe it can help you with your
own journey.
Below are the seven steps to how I stay
1. Belief
Go to work each day and always believe that what
you’re doing matters – your changing the world even if
you think you’re not. Don’t worry about the naysayers
and the people that think you’re weird. If your beliefs
suck then get started now, and go and read some sort
of personal development book.
Start to think more closely about what is stopping you
from staying motivated and realise it might be your
limiting beliefs. Are you finding yourself constantly
saying that something can’t be done? If you are, then
that’s okay, everything can be reprogrammed – no one
is lost forever.
As you work on this, each day you find that things start
to change. The change is slow but you realise that
greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Late one night
write down all the things you wanted to do but haven’t
Then, next to each one, write down the story about
why you haven’t done it. The wisdom you get from this
will be immense. This is because you can do whatever
you want once you drop the story behind why you can’t
do it.
2. Use quality inputs for
Decide today that you will no longer stand for low
energy. Think about all the successful people each day
that you see who are highly motivated. Are they low on
energy sipping cans of Coke? You know deep down
they are not.
Yes, you eat healthy food every day now and consume
lots of water but that’s what gives you the energy to
do more. You’re super motivated because you’re not
smarter than the average person but you can outwork
When the end of the day comes you’re only just getting
started and you feel like you can just keep going. If
your stomach starts to rumble, you know that you just
need some water and not a doughnut. As the zombies
drink their cup of fear (coffee), you realise that you no
longer have the urge.
At functions with your friends you are perfectly fine
drinking water and focusing on good conversation
rather than who can drink the most. People look at you
weird with your glass of water but you realise that you
are in the .01% of successful people and don’t care.
A common trait you share with the drunks is the need
to urinate but you know that this is because you’re
beautifully hydrated and your skin looks radiant, not
because you are unhealthy like them. Be careful what
goes in, otherwise what comes out will not be good and
you will struggle to be motivated.
3. Social media can help if
you let it
When you get home each night, you go on the internet
and try and find inspiration. You realise that to inspire
others you have to inspire yourself first. While you are
waiting for the lift to make its way up, on the way to a
meeting, you can’t resist looking at a few inspirational
Your motivation from reading great content starts to
compound and pretty soon you reprogram your mind to
believe anything is possible. You continually stand
guard at the door of your mind and unfollow anyone
who is not adding value or inspiring you.
After a few months, you are only left with a Facebook
newsfeed that lifts you up and reminds you why you do
what you do. Each day you consistently see people
crushing it and you begin to believe that if they can, so
can you.
As you post inspiring statuses and only get a few likes,
at first, you think you are not having an impact. Then
slowly, each day, people start saying how they love
what you are trying to do.
You scratch your head and wonder why they say this
because they never like any of the things you post until
you realise that everyone reads everything, they just
may not acknowledge it because they are afraid of
what others might think. They are afraid to be
Before you became a highly motivated individual, you
used to over think everything you did on social media
until you understood that the more open you are, the
braver you are, the more you inspire others. You now
post without thinking and hope that what you’re doing
is valuable, and if not, that’s fine too.
4. Think of your partner
You remember what it was like to be single and how
lonely you felt and you vow never to let your partner
down. You always try to be the best person you can for
them. You realise that you can’t stay motivated and be
by yourself, you have to share what you do with others.
When you see them each night, you remember back to
what it was like the first time you saw them. When you
are having a tough day with your next business venture
you think of them and how they make you feel. They
inspire you to be the best version of you and
encourage you no matter what.
No matter how hard your life is, at least you have
someone to share it with and that’s motivation right
there. If you don’t have someone to share it with than
remember that you will find him or her one-day – have
5. Remember money
doesn’t motivate you
Each day you see other people drive around in their
luxury cars and remember what it was like when you
were that person and didn’t understand what being rich
actually meant. You remember the feeling of touching
the soft leather on the drivers seat each morning and
wondering why you needed a car to tell others who you
You remember the fast speeds you used to drive at in
this car and why you used to do this. It wasn’t because
you were in a hurry; it was because you were
constantly going to places to try and find yourself and
then in a hurry to find the next destination.
When you found your purpose, you no longer needed to
drive fast and you stopped beeping your horn. You
became content with who you’ve become. As offers of
money are given to you to get involved in different
businesses, you stop looking at how many zero’s there
are and start thinking about whether the vision links
with who you’ve become.
You think a lot about the problem these business
ventures might be solving and whether you are going to
be able to stay motivated. You look at your list of
interests and realise that many of these offers don’t
meet your new criteria. After listening to Tim Ferriss,
you realise you need to start saying no a hell of a lot
more if you are going to stay on track and stay
If someone wants to give you a lot of money to
complete a task, you start asking who else is involved.
You realise that you are happy to take less money for
something if it means that you get to network with
amazing people.
6. Always help someone
Motivation is accelerated when others continually
encourage you to keep going. The only way others will
support you is if you do something to help them or
create value for them in some way. You can help
anyone you want; it’s not hard and you can start today.
Listen to the greats who talk about how helping people
is why they are successful. Go do what most people
think is crazy and give up Thanksgiving, and go and
feed the homeless. Your family will think you’re nuts,
but you will find a different form of motivation that you
haven’t had before.
After the holiday break, notice how you start to think
about your business ventures in a different way.
Suddenly you wonder if your product or service could
help people who are much less fortunate than you.
7. Take a break
Pick a destination and take a break. You’ve worked
damn hard so far on your dream and you need to reset.
As motivated as you have now become you will burn
out at some point – everyone does (trust me).
Learn about another culture while you’re away. See a
different way of doing things. Get out of your comfort
zone. Enjoy the sunshine and try not to think about
your business activities. Grab your smartphone, hold
the off button, and put it in your suitcase. What
happens on Facebook can wait, this is your life we are
talking about – don’t let it pass you by.
Make a commitment that when you get home, you are
going to do one thing differently. Upon arrival back
from your break, notice how you feel and reassess if
you’re motivated. If done properly, you should be able
to focus again on your goal without losing motivation.
At the end of the holiday, ask yourself was this fun? If
the answer is yes, then you know what you have to do
– find a way to add more value so you can pay for
more holidays.
Image Credit: Unsplashed
As the years roll on, your new strategy for staying
motivated can be summed up in the following
sentence. Stop doing stuff you don’t like, be happy with
yourself, add value, and who cares what others have.

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