What’s the music of your heart?

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Karebear's Bits

We all have that favorite song or in my case… SO many songs. One song that fits each of my many moods (some say personalities, yet how can others comprehend clearly what is inside of another being?) and a song for most situations.  Music, it is natures words made sound, it is nourishing to our souls, subsistence to keep us moving forward, remembering, and even letting go. We hear these melodies play inside our heads throughout the day, sometimes letting the sound escape our lips.

My question is deeper than that however.  What is the music that keeps you going, the breathe in your lungs, the feeling sound that maintains the Black-Music-Notes-Heart-Tattoo-Designbeat of your heart when the inclination is to halt?  Family, career, utter stubbornness?  Mine is my children, Daniel and Cody.  The life-giving breathe moving in and out of my lungs, releasing oxygen into my bloodstream, moving through my…

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