Winning is a Mindset: More than a Single Destination

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Art of Becoming While Overcoming

69d15-10895508_370460709803162_758789300_nThe image above is one of power. Action cures fear in all forms.

When its hard, that’s when its essential that you keep pressing forward. Jennifer Beckham, beloved minister and author, whom I look up to immensely says, “When you can’t get out of the chaos, lean in with your whole heart.” That’s where change and growth happens. In that very place. Have you ever woken up to a new day thinking that you don’t know how you can make it? However, you push yourself out of bed, and you think about your dream as your feet hit the ground. Here’s the thing, water flows downstream. Don’t fight what you know is the correct direction. It won’t be easy, and in fact, if it is, it may not be the truth to what you are called to do or be. Opposition is a sign of greatness. You must first equip…

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