The Purpose

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Weaver

Every man is driven by a purpose. Different goals are kept in mind, different paths are paved toward those goals but all paths end at the same place; the ultimate form of greatness. Its in every man’s hopes to become like God, to become perfect, to achieve the extreme excellence but in his path Death stands and the being who thinks of death, as just a milestone, can take the first step towards greatness.

Every man paves his own path to greatness, which is unique in every way. Some reach their desire, some fail, some fall, some rise but everyone struggles, everyone tries till the end. Some pave a path so straight and so short that they reach their destination even before many can take a single step.

For precisely this reason, a man surrenders to evil thoughts. He conjures an image of excellence that is so enchanting and attracting that he…

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