What It Takes To Be a Network Marketing Legend – Anthony Powell

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Anthony was mentored by one of the self development
greats “Jim Rohn” and he shares his advice on how you
can become a dynamic leader in the Network Marketing
Here is the episode with
Anthony Powell on becoming
a Network Marketing Legend
Here are 6 key takeaways from Anthony
Powell’s interview :
1. How to become a great
You have to be willing to be the one who does it first.
You have to establish what your why is and what’s
going to make you get out of bed no matter what. In
order to become a great leader you need to learn to
lead from the front not from the back.
Leading from the back is telling someone to do it then
you’ll do it after them. You have to be the one who
develops the real skill set not the theory.
2. When you’re just
starting out
People think they are going to find a few individuals
that are going to make them rich. You have to have a
passion for your product that you’re selling.
If you don’t have a passion for your product it won’t
align with your values. You also need to understand
what your goals are. Understand your 30 day goals, 60
day goals, 90 day goals, 1 year goals, 5 year goals and
10 year goals.
Once you understand your overall goals, you will
understand the work that needs to go into making
those goals a reality.
3. How to become a
dynamic speaker
Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the beginning. It’s
always hard to tell your story at the beginning, but over
time telling your story more and more starts getting
easier. Whether you’re speaking to 1 or 1,000, always
be genuine.
Making eye contact is a good way to let them know
you are speaking to them.
4. What to do with your
money when you make it
First thing is to pay your taxes. Open up a checking
and savings account and whenever you get paid put at
least 40%-50% of your money into a savings account
and put it aside for your taxes. Take 25% of the left
50% to build your business. Then with the last 25% you
can use that for more savings or your living.
5. Discipline your
You have to be excited when things aren’t working or
not happening for you. You have to be able to keep
that same level even when things are happening.
When something happens, you accept it, write it down,
and keep moving forward.
6. Anthony Powell’s book
recommendations that
changed his life
The Seasons of Life – JIM ROHN
Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle – JIM ROHN
Unlimited Power – ANTHONY ROBBINS
The Magic of Thinking Big – DAVID SCHWARTZ
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity – CATHERINE

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