It was coming..wsnt it?.but to see Jose getting sacked by Chelsea surprised me largely. Especially thinking 7 months back he took chelsea to the top of premier league again,and the dominance his blues showed last season was such a rarity in what many would agree the most competitive league in the world..!!


Called the special one by himself and his fans, Jose mourinho is undoubtedly one of the best managers around the circuit.. He is somebody who guarantees success, tat too immediate ones.. Right from his days as Porto manager where he famously won the champions league to the incarnation of Chelsea fc to the glory days at inter and Madrid and the famous and my favorite(every mufc fans fav Jose moment) gerrad slip, the special one has seen it all..

So how all of a sudden Chelsea and Jose got in to such mutual agreement of parting ways,which seems right too? Whose to blame? Jose? Roman? Or the players?

It was clear that something was wrong in the champions camp..loosing cech to city rivals arsenal was something Jose will never do on his liking..Cech was Jose’s most trusted for decades and a star with winning mentality and experience..!! Then the summer signing rumours of pogba,stones feel through and all they got was a loan move of radamel falcao..!! It was alws a risky move to get falcao..and that seems to have found true..
The players surely looked shadows of themselves and with a huge run of bad lucks,it turned out to a disasters start for Jose’s men? The way jose handled those defeats rubbing it into the match officials first,finally ending up with saying the players “betrayed” him was polar opposite to the word “MANAGER” ..he should have just turned his dashboard around and looked oh..Jose mourinho Manager Chelsea Fc…?? Ain’t it my job to get things right?

Am awfully disappointed with the way he handled that period and even more devastated to see him failing to come over it.. Of course he is surely going to lift lot more trophies wherever he manages but the question sadly will remain about his ability to overcome pressure??


posted by Hari Krish

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