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Posted: January 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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As we move in to a new year full of hopes and challenges,I would like to start of wishing everyone a very happy new year.

Now something that resonates loudly with the new year is “new year resolution”.. I have heard the absolute craziest and senseless new year resolutions taken by ma colleagues and ended up seen no change in them.. So what am urging u all to do???

Well,am somebody who believes in all and out success..success is something that drives me from all corners..everybody wants to be great right? So here are some of my personal tips for leading an above normal life..!!

1.Make yourself proud

U know what you are..and 99% of us are not proud of what we are.. We just love for the moment and try to forget the failures in our life.. So this new year,I ask you to stand up against your challenges meet them head on and trust me even f u stumble,your chin will always be up..!!

2.Be original

This is one thing I believe is going to be difficult for all of us. In the office or the classroom,we are made to behave as per rules and we stick on it no mater how much we choke. I believe originality define you and if that is not there, then nothing will be there

3.Never give up
Grown up as a big john cena fan,these 3 words never meant anything other than a T-shirt quote to me.. And most of us still seem to be that way.. All it takes is one moment to change.. The next time you feel lik giving up, just talk to your inner self and carry on.. Trust me it feels mighty great to overcome problems that you were about to give up.. Just give to a go guys…….

4.have some ego,its actually good

Sounds strange?but this is my personal favorite and something I live on every day.. Showing some ego puts yourself under pressure to bet the odds and achieve the goal. it keeps you goin than normal..
5.My final one: Be hungry to succeed

Being successful is no kids play.. It takes a lot to being a man to note for in your need to above par and aim high to reach there… The most common thing among the greats of this planet are they all are desperate for success,they can’t live without it

Have a successful year…..

posted by Hari Krish

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