Hope and the Greatness within…

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


Sometimes, it gets hard to see a positive outcome of situations we are in or of ourselves as human beings. After trying all there is to try and believing what there is to believe, you are still faced with your daily reality-things look really bad.

Other times, it isn’t necessarily about the gorily looking problems we are going through but, it is our own conception of ourselves. We have come from settings, homes and cultures where no one believed in us. At any attempt, we might have made, we made a fool out of ourselves and the outside world kept hammering into our minds like nails that, we are worth nothing. That picture grips us as well. We are locked up in the prison of our self-demeaning and self-belittling thoughts. We then stop trying to achieve anything and just go through the motions of life.

It is very easy to…

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