What to do When You Fail: Losing Your “Day Job”

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Art of Becoming While Overcoming

failure-is-success-in-progressSo yesterday I got fired for the first time in my life.

It was interesting, to say the least. I was escorted out of the building, and handed all my things. There was no reason to “separate employment,” except that my part-time work schedule was not conducive to the corporate structure of the company that actually recruited me away from my old employer.

They say hind-sight is 20/20. Mine was like 20/16 (haha see what I did there?) I could clearly see that I was unhappy, it was just my boss seeing it for me that propelled me to have the inertia and reason to finally take a chance. As you know, I have this amazing lifestyle blog and E-commerce Amway business, which, up until the past 2 weeks, I had placed on the back burner, along with my degree in Biology. Well, considering what just happened. I decided to…

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