Ignite Your Personal Revolution With The Victory Cycle

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It’s time to think seriously about your New Year’s
resolution. Maybe this year it’s the goal of losing
weight, starting a new career, getting a promotion,
launching a new business venture, working on a
relationship, or running that marathon you always
wanted to run.
Here’s a thought: let’s take this year’s resolution to the
top and make it really stick. All you need is to actually
do it, right? All too often we come out of New Year’s
Day with amazing ideas of change, but what happens a
few weeks into your journey? Did you make it happen?
Or did you falter once again?
This time it’s going to be different, and here’s why. I’m
going to share with you a solution, a system for you to
maintain control, make lasting change, and begin a
sustainable recipe for personal growth, and change. It’s
called “The Victory Cycle.”
This idea is based on a continuous cycle of personal
leadership and development. Here’s the truth: none of
our New Year’s resolutions, or any goal for that matter,
will work without consistent daily actions. The Victory
Cycle is based on small, daily powerful actions towards
your “Personal Vision”; as you build your vision, your
“Victory” will start to take form. Change your focus,
improve your state of mind, and take progressive action
today by stepping into The Victory Cycle!
Victory is an acronym for the 7 steps to
achieve your goal:
V- Vision
I- Inspiration
C- Commitment
T- Timed Steps
Y-Yearlong Adjustments
1. Vision
Your personal vision is the starting point in the
process. It’s a clear, compelling purpose of what you
want, or who you want to become. You must see it so
clear that you can touch it, smell it, and really feel it in
your heart and soul as if it were real.
Leave no detail out of the picture as you create your
vision; really see it as if it were right in front of you. All
successful people knew who they truly were inside
even in what appeared to be defeat. They rose up
based on the internal belief and purpose they had
within them. Find your purpose, your vision.
2. Inspiration
Your why you are doing this. All too often we forget
why we’re doing what we’re doing. We get stuck in the
wrong details, like numbers on a scale or how big our
bank account is. Our inspiration centers more on how
we feel, specifically, how we would feel if we were
living our vision.
So many times our train for success is derailed from
the very beginning due to lack of an understanding of
why we are doing it and what we really want.
3. Commitment
This centers around how badly you really want it.
Without rock-solid determination, you will fail, and lose
momentum. Because when it gets difficult, and it will,
you need to have a warrior’s level of commitment, a
complete “life or death” determination that you will
succeed no matter what. This is your “how,” this is you
making it happen, no one else, just you.
4. Timed steps
This in essence is your plan, small scheduled-out steps
towards your vision, your ultimate victory. It starts
today , by the way, not tomorrow. Think of what you can
do right now! Then, something by the end of the week,
next month, and so on.
Write it out so you can hold yourself accountable for
the progress, otherwise you lose traction. Naturally you
are going to adjust these benchmarks, but you likely
already have an idea.
5. Obstacles
These are things that pop up, trip you up, and slow you
down. Anticipate them beforehand; be ready for them.
Don’t worry if you do get knocked down—it’s ok. Dust
yourself off and build strength from it. You just learned
what not to do.
This is where the fire is, the forging of who you are,
and will become. Adversity builds character. Capitalize
on what’s gone right and build upon it. Never ever give
up on you; if you don’t believe in who you are, who else
6. Rejoice
Once you start moving forward in your progress,
rejoice. Life is about living and enjoying your life right.
Celebrate and rejoice in your accomplishments along
the way. Just don’t stay there too long, get back to
work. Remember: if you stop, it all stops moving
forward. Make sure you get back on course.
7. Yearlong adjustments
Yearlong adjustments is just that—a way for you to see
what’s going right and what’s going wrong and adjust
it. Remember, your victory is a lifelong journey,
something that you will continuously work on.
So, this is only going to make you stronger and sharpen
the sword for success, your vision, and your ultimate
victory. Small steps equal giant leaps over time;
remember: it all comes back to your vision. Make sure
it all adds up and is on track, and start over again.
Own who you are today and who you want to become;
no matter what it is, you can do it. It is you who needs
to believe in YOU first—before you can go out into the
world to accept your own victory. The Victory Cycle is
meant to be applied daily; you get up in the morning
and say, “How can I take a step towards my Victory?”
And when you lay down at night, ask yourself, “Did I
honor my Victory?”
Here’s the reality: you’re accountable for you—no one
else is. It’s time to take that New Year’s resolution
once and for all and turn it into a personal revolution
within your heart and soul. Use The Victory Cycle to
ignite your future, stand up and make it happen
starting today.

posted by Hari Krish

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