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First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.

Thomas a Kempis

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If you insist on blaming your parents, or teachers, or employers, or society for your failures and sadness and anger…..

…..reason says you have to credit them for your successes and happiness and peace of mind…

Your life.

Your control.

Which path are you going to take?

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Success never comes easy. No matter what your goal
is, you can expect to face challenges as you pursue it.
It takes motivation to keep going when things get
tough. This is why those who are the most
motivated often become the most successful .
Here are 12 steps you can do daily to help
you stay motivated when things get
tough :
1. Display your goals on
your wall
Put your goals in writing, and put them on a wall where
you will see them often. On a whiteboard in your home
or office (or both) is ideal. Review your goals every
morning and every night, and glance at them as often
as you can throughout the day. If you’re a visual
person, you may find it effective to use pictures. For
example, a picture of your dream car or a vacation
destination you want to go to on. Remember, if your
goals don’t excite you and challenge you, they
probably aren’t big enough. It may be time to
create some new ones.
2. Write down your
priorities for the day first
thing in the morning
One of the first things you should do every morning is
sit down and make a list of the important activities you
need to complete for the day. List them in order of
priority, and then get started on the most important
one first (especially if it’s the most difficult one). A
huge mistake most people make is not managing their
time and prioritizing their activities for the day. Instead,
they spend the day responding to everything that is
thrown at them. Instead of being proactive about what
they need to accomplish, they become reactive to the
needs of everyone else.
3. Listen to inspiring audio
Throughout the day there are plenty of opportunities to
listen to something positive. You can listen to
something when you’re cooking, cleaning the house,
driving your car, exercising at the gym, or jogging
around your neighborhood, just to name a few.
Download the audio version of some of your favorite
books, or subscribe to a few podcasts about your
favorite subjects. Listening to 30-60 minutes per day
of educational or inspiring audio content will have a
tremendous impact on your life and productivity in the
long run.
4. Read before you go to
A great way to unwind at the end of a long day is to
read a few pages of something positive and educational
before you go to sleep. Doing this also helps to take
your mind off of any problems or challenges you
encountered during the day. After you’ve read a few
pages, take a few minutes to reflect on what you just
learned, and think of at least one action step you can
take immediately to better handle any issues or
challenges you are currently dealing with.
5. Do not allow yourself to
At any given moment, you can have a positive attitude
or a negative attitude. There isn’t much of a grey area
in between the two. Refusing to allow yourself to
complain will pretty much eliminate you ever having a
negative attitude. This simple trick basically forces you
to remain positive and optimistic. Whenever you catch
yourself about to complain about something, stop
yourself and think of something you’re grateful for
6. Get an accountability
A daily or even a weekly call with a close friend or
associate has proven to be an effective way to stay on
track for many people. Keep it brief. The purpose of
these calls is to check in and confirm that your partner
is staying focused and is still on track to achieving
whatever their goals are at the time. Whether it’s
exercising regularly, prospecting for new business,
working on a specific project, the purpose of the call is
to hold them accountable to their commitments. You
do it for them, and they do it for you. It works both
7. Don’t sweat the small
Want to know some of the secrets to happiness? Here
they are: Don’t worry about things you can’t control.
Don’t major in minor things. Choose your battles wisely.
Don’t argue over small things. If something is truly
important to you, give it your attention. If it’s not, let it
go. Sometimes it’s more important to be happy than to
be right.
8. Spend more time with
positive people (and less
time with negative ones)
Pay more attention to who you allow to be around you.
Spend your time with people who are positive, and who
encourage your success. Minimize the amount of time
you spend with people who are constantly complaining
or being negative. You can’t change negative people,
but they will change you if you hang around them long
9. Recite positive
Positive affirmations are statements that you recite
aloud. Create a list of positive statements that reflect
the values, ideals, and beliefs you want to develop and/
or uphold. Whenever you’re feeling frustrated or lacking
confidence, take a moment to recite your affirmations.
It may seem corny, but it works. Think of it as
conditioning your mind for success.
10. Reward yourself for
making progress
Never forget to reward yourself for making progress.
Break your large goals into smaller milestones, and
each time you accomplish one of those milestones,
celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration, just
make sure you do something. Every success (yes, even
a small one) is worth celebrating. It is often a series of
small successes that pave the way for the big ones. If
you only celebrate the big ones, you may go prolonged
periods of time without celebrating anything, and this
can have a negative impact on your motivation.
Incremental progress is still progress. Give yourself the
recognition you deserve.
11. Look for the
opportunity in every
Practice being the person who can find the hidden
advantage in every seemingly negative situation. While
everyone else focuses on the problem, stay focused on
finding a solution. As Napoleon Hill once said: “Every
failure, every adversity, every heartache carries with it the
seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Always look for the
12. Know what you’re
fighting for
The last hack for staying motivated through challenging
times is to always know what you’re fighting for.
Whenever you are faced with a challenge, your mind
will demand a reason for your suffering. You better
have a crystal clear response, because if you don’t,
your mind will convince you to quit. We all have 2
voices in our head. One voice says “This is too hard.
This is uncomfortable. I should quit.” The
other says “Yes this is challenging, but it will be worth it.
Keep going.” You need to give that second voice a
reason to speak up. Why are you doing what you’re
doing? Make a list of your reasons and never forget
Which hack keeps you motivated? Please
leave your thoughts in the comment
section below!

posted by Hari Krish

It’s time to think seriously about your New Year’s
resolution. Maybe this year it’s the goal of losing
weight, starting a new career, getting a promotion,
launching a new business venture, working on a
relationship, or running that marathon you always
wanted to run.
Here’s a thought: let’s take this year’s resolution to the
top and make it really stick. All you need is to actually
do it, right? All too often we come out of New Year’s
Day with amazing ideas of change, but what happens a
few weeks into your journey? Did you make it happen?
Or did you falter once again?
This time it’s going to be different, and here’s why. I’m
going to share with you a solution, a system for you to
maintain control, make lasting change, and begin a
sustainable recipe for personal growth, and change. It’s
called “The Victory Cycle.”
This idea is based on a continuous cycle of personal
leadership and development. Here’s the truth: none of
our New Year’s resolutions, or any goal for that matter,
will work without consistent daily actions. The Victory
Cycle is based on small, daily powerful actions towards
your “Personal Vision”; as you build your vision, your
“Victory” will start to take form. Change your focus,
improve your state of mind, and take progressive action
today by stepping into The Victory Cycle!
Victory is an acronym for the 7 steps to
achieve your goal:
V- Vision
I- Inspiration
C- Commitment
T- Timed Steps
Y-Yearlong Adjustments
1. Vision
Your personal vision is the starting point in the
process. It’s a clear, compelling purpose of what you
want, or who you want to become. You must see it so
clear that you can touch it, smell it, and really feel it in
your heart and soul as if it were real.
Leave no detail out of the picture as you create your
vision; really see it as if it were right in front of you. All
successful people knew who they truly were inside
even in what appeared to be defeat. They rose up
based on the internal belief and purpose they had
within them. Find your purpose, your vision.
2. Inspiration
Your why you are doing this. All too often we forget
why we’re doing what we’re doing. We get stuck in the
wrong details, like numbers on a scale or how big our
bank account is. Our inspiration centers more on how
we feel, specifically, how we would feel if we were
living our vision.
So many times our train for success is derailed from
the very beginning due to lack of an understanding of
why we are doing it and what we really want.
3. Commitment
This centers around how badly you really want it.
Without rock-solid determination, you will fail, and lose
momentum. Because when it gets difficult, and it will,
you need to have a warrior’s level of commitment, a
complete “life or death” determination that you will
succeed no matter what. This is your “how,” this is you
making it happen, no one else, just you.
4. Timed steps
This in essence is your plan, small scheduled-out steps
towards your vision, your ultimate victory. It starts
today , by the way, not tomorrow. Think of what you can
do right now! Then, something by the end of the week,
next month, and so on.
Write it out so you can hold yourself accountable for
the progress, otherwise you lose traction. Naturally you
are going to adjust these benchmarks, but you likely
already have an idea.
5. Obstacles
These are things that pop up, trip you up, and slow you
down. Anticipate them beforehand; be ready for them.
Don’t worry if you do get knocked down—it’s ok. Dust
yourself off and build strength from it. You just learned
what not to do.
This is where the fire is, the forging of who you are,
and will become. Adversity builds character. Capitalize
on what’s gone right and build upon it. Never ever give
up on you; if you don’t believe in who you are, who else
6. Rejoice
Once you start moving forward in your progress,
rejoice. Life is about living and enjoying your life right.
Celebrate and rejoice in your accomplishments along
the way. Just don’t stay there too long, get back to
work. Remember: if you stop, it all stops moving
forward. Make sure you get back on course.
7. Yearlong adjustments
Yearlong adjustments is just that—a way for you to see
what’s going right and what’s going wrong and adjust
it. Remember, your victory is a lifelong journey,
something that you will continuously work on.
So, this is only going to make you stronger and sharpen
the sword for success, your vision, and your ultimate
victory. Small steps equal giant leaps over time;
remember: it all comes back to your vision. Make sure
it all adds up and is on track, and start over again.
Own who you are today and who you want to become;
no matter what it is, you can do it. It is you who needs
to believe in YOU first—before you can go out into the
world to accept your own victory. The Victory Cycle is
meant to be applied daily; you get up in the morning
and say, “How can I take a step towards my Victory?”
And when you lay down at night, ask yourself, “Did I
honor my Victory?”
Here’s the reality: you’re accountable for you—no one
else is. It’s time to take that New Year’s resolution
once and for all and turn it into a personal revolution
within your heart and soul. Use The Victory Cycle to
ignite your future, stand up and make it happen
starting today.

posted by Hari Krish

Do you ever have problems getting others to do what
you want? Is it hard for you to move others to action?
It seems to be a common issue. It can be frustrating
because so much of your ultimate success depends
heavily on your ability to influence others. If you want
to win in life, you have to be able to influence. It’s
Whether you’re a professional working at an
organization, or an entrepreneur who is building your
own business, your ability to persuade is essential if
you want to become successful.
Here’s the good news: Becoming more influential is not
difficult. There are simple things you can do to gain
more influence.
The issue isn’t just being popular or more talkative.
The issue is how you make others feel . It’s a common
saying: “People will forget what you say, but they will
never forget how you make them feel.” What would it
be like if you were able to make other people want to
do what you’re asking?
It doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to make
them feel what they want to feel. So how do they want
to feel? They want to feel important. If you’re going to
influence others, you must be able to make them feel
Here are 3 tips you can use to instantly
become more influential by making others
feel important :
1. Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to show
people how important they are. It’s been shown to
enhance the relationships you can have with those
around you.
Think about it. How often do people take time to
express true, heartfelt gratitude to others? How did you
feel the last time it happened to you? Exactly.
Expressing sincere gratitude is a wonderful way to get
people to see that they truly matter. When you make
people feel this way, they will attach these positive
emotions to you.
And the great thing about this is that it’s so easy! All
you need to do is find something that the other person
did that benefitted you in some way. It doesn’t have to
be something huge. Even the small things will work.
When you identify what the other person has done for
you, take some time to let them know. You don’t even
have to do it face to face. I usually do it by email
because I express myself better by writing.
Regardless of the method you use, make sure you do
it. It’ll increase your influence dramatically.
2. Get Them To Talk
People love to talk about themselves . If you’re trying to
make others feel important, you would do well to
remember this fact.
Showing people how important they are means getting
them to talk as much as possible. You have to show
that you are genuinely interested in what they are
saying to you.
The best way to do this is to ask good questions. You
need to ask questions that invite a longer answer.
There are two types of questions you can ask in a
conversation. These are close-ended and open-ended
The difference? A close-ended question can be
answered with just a “yes” or a “no” or another type of
one-word answer. An open-ended question can’t be
answered with just a “yes” or a “no.” The answer has
to be longer.
Here’s an example of each:
Close-ended : Did you like the new Star Wars movie?
Open-ended : What did you think of the new Star Wars
See the difference? The open-ended question will get
the other person to go into more detail about how she
feels about the new Star Wars movie.
The more you encourage other people to talk, the more
important they will feel. Again, they will attribute this
feeling of importance to you.
3. Be Sincere In Your
Praising the other person is a great way to show them
that you think they are important. When you take the
time to talk about the qualities they possess that you
admire, it shows them that you are paying attention to
the things they do right.
Similar to gratitude, praise can be a very powerful way
to make the other person feel like they matter. We all
love it when people notice the effort and hard work
that we put forth.
Here’s a caveat: it has to be sincere . Insincere praise
is just meaningless flattery. If you’re not being sincere,
the other person will pick up on it. This will kill your
influence efforts because they will feel like they are
being manipulated. Needless to say, nobody wants to
feel like they are being played.
When you are looking to give praise, try to pick out
qualities that others have noticed. Look for their
strengths. That way, when you offer your praise, you
can bring up the fact that other people have noticed
that they are strong in the area you are praising. This
brings a “social proof” element to your praise that will
have an even bigger impact.
After all, if you’re telling them something good about
themselves that others have noticed, why wouldn’t that
make them feel more important? The more effectively
you praise others, the more important you will make
them feel.
Being influential means having a positive impact on the
people you wish to influence. The amount of influence
you have is directly tied to the amount of value you
When you make others feel important, you are giving
them something that has immense value. That’s why
it’s so effective.
Focus on showing others how much they matter to
you. Not only will it make you feel more grateful, it will
also make people more likely to let you influence them.

posted by Hari Krish

Did you know that confidence isn’t something you’re
born with? Astounding – I know!
In our every day life, we’re exposed to so many stories
and images of successful, confident people, that it’s
easy to assume they naturally started out like that.
And, that they’re confident all the time.
Take Sheryl Sandberg , for example. Being the Chief
Operating Officer of Facebook, you could easily think
she’s never grappled with insecurity or self-doubt. But
she revealed in her book, Lean In , that she has at times
felt like an imposter.
Another example is Academy Award winning actress,
Meryl Streep, who said to a reporter in 2002, “I don’t
know how to act anyway, so why am I doing this?”
Despite what you may think, confidence isn’t something
you’re born with. It’s something you learn through life
experience, adapting to new situations, and doing those
things you thought you’d never be able to do.
You can boost your own level of
confidence, and here’s 6 tips to get you
1. Do Something New
Every Day
It’s completely normal to want to stay inside your
comfort zone and stick to what you know. But stepping
over the barrier that separates you from “where you
are now” and “where you want to be”, is a crucial step
to feeling more confident.
You don’t have to take up skydiving or make a drastic
move to a different country to stretch your zone of
comfort. There are many simple, every day steps you
can take to build your confidence just the same.
Personally, if I want to add some adventure to my day,
I pack up my laptop, walk into town, and visit a coffee
shop I’ve never been to before.
This might seem simple, but the change of scenery and
environment triggers a whole range of new ideas, new
perspectives and newfound confidence inside of me.
Take a few minutes to think about what you can do
today to feel more alive and inspired.
2. Wear Confident Outfits
The way you dress has a huge impact on how you feel
about yourself, and how others see you. If you wear
clothes that are uncomfortable, restricting, or clearly
too big for you, you won’t feel comfortable, and you
won’t look confident.
On the other hand, if you wear outfits that mould your
body comfortably, and you incorporate a splash of
colour, you’ll naturally feel and look more confident.
How do you create a confident outfit? There are two
important elements you should focus on.
First, darker colours convey more authority . Second,
high-contrast colours make you stand out .
When you put together your outfit in the morning, find a
way to add black, charcoal, or navy blue to your outfit.
Then, incorporate a contrasting colour, such as white,
yellow or light blue.
3. Use Confident Body
We’ve all heard of Amy Cuddy’s TedX talk about power
If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend you
check it out here:
Although some may believe that you have to feel
confident inside before you can project confidence to
others, let me tell you through personal experience, it
can work the other way, too. Power poses are perfect
for business meetings if you’re tired of never getting
your opinions heard.
They can also work in social situations when you’re
trying to win an argument with your friend. The idea
behind power poses is to take up more space and to
use open body language postures. So instead of sitting
down with your arms folded and your legs crossed, rest
your arms on the armrests and claim your space.
4. Speak With a Confident
Most people overlook the importance of their voice
when trying to create a confident image. You might
plan carefully the words you’re going to say, but it’s
how you say them that matters more.
The biggest mistake I see, even recently with a
television presenter, is the upswing. An upswing is
when you create a rise in intonation at the end of your
statements, making your statements sound more like
For example, “On Saturday I went to the movies?” , or “ On
Saturday I went to the movies.” Repeat these two
sentences, the first with a rising intonation at the end,
and the second with a downward intonation at the end.
Which sounds more decisive and powerful to you?
5. Don’t Compare Yourself
to Others
Comparing yourself to others who have taken a
different path in their life and have made different
decisions is a sure-fire way to a downward spiral of
never feeling good enough.
This is one of the most common confidence crushers
because you’re always focusing on what you don’t
have, rather than on what you do have.
Here’s what I recommend: create a gratitude list of
everything you have (tangible or intangible) that you
are thankful for. Whenever you start to compare
yourself against a friend or coworker, take out this list
and read it over three times to remind yourself of all
the wonderful things you have, or have achieved in your
6. Use Positive Self-Talk
Every Morning and Every
If you’re going to take away just one piece of advice
from this post, this is the most powerful piece of
advice you can take with you: commit to positive self-
talk every morning when you wake up and every night
before you go to sleep.
When you start and end your day with positive,
confident affirmations, you can really change your
outlook on life. About a year ago I started this process
myself. I created a mantra that I now repeat three
times every morning and every night.
The mantra I use is really quite simple, and I invite you
to use it too, if it’s the right fit for you. The mantra I
use is, “I’m worthy of success” . If this mantra doesn’t
feel right for you, you can create your own. But the
most important part is to commit to repeating it every
morning and every night, until it becomes a part of you.

posted by Hari Krish

Success Today #53

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The power of self confidence.
Success today power of self confidence
Where does self confidence come from? Self confidence comes from feeling good about yourself. You get to feel good about yourself when you go to bed and you do know you have done your best. You know you did the best in your exams, in your company, or maybe you wrote the best letter.  Your self confidence will then develop, knowing you had a good day and tomorrow you gonna have another good day. Days will do translate to weeks and weeks to months, months to years and years to lifetime good self confidence.
Good self confidance also comes when we do attend all our responsibilities. All the daily responsibilities like being responsible of your health, your assignments, your school work and so forth… That self confidence affects your psyche, your future, your health and even your success.
 Self confidence can also mean willing to do whatever…

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