Quite simply, one of the best ways to be successful is to ensure you are motivated. Forget the cheesy internet sales guys telling you about how they got rich in 30 days. What you really need is the real definition of motivation, which is your motive for action.Clearly there is some action you want to take and the only way you will make that action a must is if you have a motive to do so. A goal is really just an action you want to take so that you canget to some type of feeling.No important goal is going to be achieved in a small amount of time so what you require is a motive for action, to regularly work on that goal in the form of a habit.Habits will never last though unless you set them with a successful strategy that is reinforced by your motives / reasons.The mistake that we all make is that wethink motivation will last forever, but it doesn’t. One inspiring article like this will not keep you motivated long term. The only way to achieve long-term results and outcomes towards your goal is to really go deep on why you aredoing what you’re doing.Below are my thirteen beginner steps to stay motivated.1.Pick your biggest goal that has the most fearThe challenge of motivation is that if the goal you are heading towards isn’t big enough or ugly enough, or important enough, there is a good chance you will quit. What keeps me motivated is the thrill of picking stupid, crazy, big goals that I have attached the most amount of fear to and then crushing them.Let me give you a quick example. I recently took up public speaking through Toastmasters. I tried to do thislast year but gave up after three shots because it was way too uncomfortable.My work career has been heavily focused on sales, and I can speak in front of people no problem.Where the challenge comes for me is when it’s more formal, and there are lots more people; like fifty plus heads in the room. Back to Toastmasters, I didn’t originally cement in my mind clearly enough why I was doing it.When I rejoined Toastmasters a second time, I linked up in my mind that if I am going to keep doing the entrepreneur / self-development blogging gig, at some point (if I want the message to get bigger) I am going to be asked to speak about the subject publically.Now if I look at why I do what I do everyday – to inspire the world through self-development and entrepreneurship– then my motivate for action becomesmuch more powerful. Now the fear I experience has true meaning, and so, therefore, I am motivated and much less likely to quit.2.Immerse yourself in the goal tostay motivatedNow there is a further step that kept me moving towards my public speaking goal; it’s quite simply the art of immersion. To make my Toastmasters experience even greater, I decided that instead of attending fortnightly like everyone else, I was going to attend every week to gain full immersion.By attending every week, it meant that Ihad to go to an earlier session starting at 7:15 am. This time slot takes real guts, but the benefit it has is that it’s testing my motivation to see if I am legitimate about my goal. The other benefit is that there are fewer people atthe earlier session so on one week I have only a small audience, and then on the other week, I have a massive audience.This change in audience numbers allows me to try riskier thinks with fewer people, and not so risky things with a larger audience to slowly build my confidence.3.Use confidence to keep you motivatedIn the previous point, I touched on confidence. The important part about confidence is thatmost people try and motivate themselves towards a goal too quickly.If you jump straight into the deep end on the first try, you will scare yourself away from your goal.What I learnt with public speaking was to start small and build some confidence. When I get constructive feedback on each speech, it allows me to feel like I am improving. The better I feel about myself, the more motivated Ifeel to keep pushing through the fear.The best example in my life of confidence is my previous fear of flying. The reason I say previous fear isthat I have pretty much got rid of all thefear. The way I did this was by taking lots of small flights.On the every first flight I used self-development tapes to keep my confidence levels high, and then I gradually needed the tapes less and less. Once I was able to fly solo in a calm state, I used the confidence I had built previously as the reason I was going to succeed.4.Without growth, there is no motivationIf there is no growth towards your goal,then there is a good chance that the motivation will die off. The secret to sustained motivation is to constantly strive for some level of growth. As humans, we are obsessed with growing, and if something doesn’t grow then, it dies.The concept of growth can be best demonstrated by video games. These days, the word gamification has become a popular topic. Gamification is really about thinking about a task as if it were a video game.bAlmost every video game in history has some form of levels. As you move through the levels, you experience more and more growth.The makers of video games know that if you can make someone experience growth, then you can get them addicted to spending their time and money playing the video games.Now for me, after doing Tony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within,” I learnt that growth is my highest valued human need.Surprisingly, this is the case for a lot of us. So next time you lack motivation, ask yourself the question, “is there enough growth in the current way I am executing on this goal?”5.Become obsessed with motivated peopleStaying motivated involves having other people around you that are also highly motivated. Even though your goals and their goals may be totally different, sharing stories with each other of how you are getting to your individual goals will keep you motivated.If you have a week when you are a bit off, and you ask another motivated person who has had a great week about how they feel, you should be able to use their story of success to power your own.6.Just get startedBefore I mentioned my fear of flying. One of the other keys to this fear and motivating myself to keep going was just to get started. The way I did this was to put my money on the line and just book a flight.It’s amazing how once you have spent the money and can’t get it back you just follow through.Just recently, I booked my longest flight yet to Asia. There was a small amount of fear but rather than dwell onit, I just motivated myself by spending the money, and then moving to the next goal in my life.By just getting started, you force the motivation process to begin, and you virtually guarantee yourself some level of success. The process of flying has now become a bit of a game for me, and I am always trying to one up myself from the previous journey. Not to mention I am getting hooked on the travel bug and getting to visit beautiful places in the world.7.Make sure you keep at itWith any form of goal that requires motivation, there are going to be high’sand lows. My motivation varies all the time. Take blogging as an example; I try and write articles every single week but sometimes I fall into a rut.Now if I just let the rut continue then I would give up blogging easily. The rutsnot caused by my lack of passion for writing, it’s caused by the sometimes repetitive nature of writing. The key for me to be able not to give up is to keep myself motivated.It’s also important to remember that nothing is permanent and all it takes is a little spark of inspiration to get going again. If you keep yourself open to those sparks of inspiration, then they are much more likely to enter your life at just the right time.8.Make the most of inspiring states of mindThe other trick I use is to make the most of inspiration. This means that if Igo and watch an inspiring movie or something really cool happens like I get acknowledged for some work I did and I am feeling on top of the world, I quickly get out my laptop and start writing.Many of us don’t make the most of our empowering states. When we feel on fire, we need to use this time to follow our passion. The single most useful form of motivation is your state of mind. Now, if your state of mind isn’t great, thenyou can shift it by getting into a peak state.9.Use public announcements as motivationFor those who have been reading my articles on Addicted2Success carefully,you will notice something that I do a lot;I often announce things I am going to do publically.The reason that I do this is because my network reads my articles, and once I say something publically I am committed.Just like the stock market, public announcements create leverage and a rare form of motivation that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Once you say you are going to do something publically, it’s hard to back down.The reason for this is that we don’t want to disappoint people or not deliver on a promise. When you commitsomething publically you are going to start to get asked how you’re tracking with that commitment.Since mentioning public speaking, I now regularly have people asking me how I am going. Now I couldn’t be known around the place as the inspiring guy looking to change the world through Addicted2Success if I just gave up without a reason could I?The previous sentence might sound a bit stupid but since blogging on here, people think I am some super human expert on success. The reality? I am as vulnerable and flawed as anyone else. The difference? I am happy to admit it and spend every day growing and self-motivating myself towards a higher level of success.10.Track your successI have mentioned growth a few times already, but growth alone is not enough. The reason is that unless you track your success, you won’t know if you are growing and, therefore, you won’t be motivated.Tracking your success is best done by keeping it “simple stupid” (a saying I picked up). Just write down once a week how you feel you are tracking with your goal. It’s also important to capture the feelings you are experiencing because they form the foundations of your motivation.Where possible, describe your progress in an uplifting way. This involves still mentioning the negative feelings you are experiencing, but just being consciously aware to put a positive, constructive spin on it. How do you truly know if you are motivated each day?A simple test you can do is to reflect on how you wake up. If you are tired when you wake up but you still jump out of bed and get your day started then chances are you are motivated. If you take forever to wake up, and it’s a real challenge, then you’re unfortunately not motivated.11.Experiment with a deadlineI am the sort of person that if there is no deadline, then I find it hard to stay motivated. One simple habit I use to overcome this is to implement forced deadlines. For example, right now I have around six articles ready to post up.To ensure I keep writing more, I make sure that I purposely run out of unpublished articles frequently. This is achieved by posting lingering articles as quick as possible so that my mind starts saying, “you have nothing to post next week!”I then add another simple form of motivation. This one is a little crazy.It’sthe concept of death being a great form of motivation.So how I do this is Itell myself, “Tim if you were to die tomorrow then the articles that haven’t been released could be lost forever.”So, I tell myself always to post articles that are ready in case something happens to me. The fear of never having my life’s work seen by the worldkeeps me motivated to write more.The more I write, the better I get, and the more growth I experience coupled with the ability to give back and inspire others. What a phenomenal reason to live huh?The other thing I noticed when there is no deadline is that I tend to not put things off, but do things slower than I should. I become more conscious of making the outcome perfect as opposed to just getting things done and learning from the mistakes along the way.The best deadlines I use regularly are ones that have other people I respect tied to them. For example, if I have an interview booked with an influential person, I feel a sense of urgency to get everything done before the interview because I don’t want to let the person down, and because I care about delivering value to them to some extent.12.Motivate yourself by thinking of the end feelingIf we thought about why many people want to drive Ferrari’s then, we would uncover pretty quickly that it’s not because they love driving a huge chunk of metal around that’s painted red. The reason they are motivated to work hard and buy a Ferrari is because of the feeling they think they will get from owning one.This concept is a very influential part ofmotivation because you can skip the step of owning the Ferrari. What you need to do instead is motivate yourself through the feelings you will get by achieving your goal and driving that Ferrari.The beauty is that you can experience these feelings even before you achievethe goal. So when you spend time on your goal, and you lack motivation, picture yourself having already achieved the goal and then try and create that feeling in the moment.A quick example for me is holidays. While planning and organising a holiday can be a real drag for me, the way I overcome it is to picture myself lying on the beach at my favourite holiday destination. Then, when I am working through the actions required to make that holiday happen, I just introduced that relaxed, beach holiday feeling, into each of the tasks I need to complete.This easy life hack may seem overly simplistic, but it really is one of the foundations of motivation that many ofthe greats use.13.Get someone to push youThe last step to motivation for beginners is to get someone to push you. This person is usually in the form of a coach or mentor. Don’t pick your lover or a friend because there is a good chance that they will allow you to take shortcuts.Try and get someone who is independent like a coach through Skype. Joel Brown and I do this for many clients, and we both are able to get people to take action because we are independent of the person we are coaching, and often have no prior connection or relationship. Motivation will only get you so far, and you need to be challenged in order to get the benefits of that magical feeling called growth. A coach or mentor will also ask you tough questions that will uncover your motive for action, and try and push you forward.It’s easy to tell yourself to do something, but when you have someone else telling you at the same time, it’s a lot easier to fall into the sweet spot of motivation.

How many times have you seen a sign that says “Don’t touch; wet paint” and wanted to touch the wet paint? How many times have you seen that sign, ignored it, and done the thing you’ve been explicitly told not to do?If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing a lot! (But maybe I’m just a rebel like that.) Don’t think of a red tree. Did you think of the red tree? You thought of the tree, didn’t you? Even though I specifically told you not to think of a red tree…that’s what you did.Weird, right? Maybe this seems funny. But it also touches on deeply rooted psychologicalforces that influence oureveryday experienceand our relationship with ourselves.Be careful what you tell yourselfHow many times have you said to yourself…“Don’t mess this up,”or“Don’tbe an idiot,”or“I don’t want to fail”?Psychologically, what do you think happens when you say these things? Your mind latches onto messing up, being an idiot, being a failure. The unconscious mind can’t handle the word “don’t.” The concept doesn’t compute. The math doesn’t make sense.When you say“I don’t want to fail,”you’re giving your brain nearly infinite ideas to ponder over. Infinity minus one, to be precise. The one being“don’tfail.”Not very good odds. Becauseyour brain can’t possibly comprehend all of these possibilities, it focuses on the one thing you have given it:failing. You end up focusing on the one thing you didn’t want to focus on.Change what you’re telling yourselfWhat would happen if you changed“I don’t want to fail”to“I want to succeed”?It would be like changing“don’t think ofa red tree”to“think of a red tree”.Whenyou don’t want to think of a red tree, you end up thinking about a red tree because “infinity minus one” possibilities is too many to handle.You’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re directly undermining your intention.On the other hand, when you want to think of a red tree, it’s easy to call it to mind. You choose to think of something you want. You choose to bespecificover being abstract.If you live your life saying“I don’t want”,thinking about all the things you don’t want, that’s exactly what you’ll end up with.If you live your life saying“I want”,thinking about all the specific things youdowant, that’s exactly what you’ll end up with.What experience do you have withthis method? Has it worked for you? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below

Are you a weak leader? I know that’s a tough question
to answer. I don’t think there is a single leader that will
proclaim, “Yes! I am a weak leader!” At least not
The reality is that you are not as good of a leader as
you would like to be. Yes, you are an honest, open,
decisive and principled leader, but there is a roadblock
to your success. And this roadblock is also adversely
affecting the success of your company, the projects
you’re running and the team you are building.
The degree of your success has little to do with the
lack of resources; the basis is in the context of your
habits, fears and the opinions of others. So you run
into what John C. Maxwell, leadership authority, calls
the lid. It’s an invisible, self-imposed, barrier that
prevents you from becoming the leader you are meant
to be.
The Mcdonald’s success story that almost
McDonald’s operates in 118 countries, serves 68 million
customers each day, operates over 35,000 restaurants,
and employs more than 1.7 million people.
But back in 1940, McDonald’s was a single restaurant
located at 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in
San Bernardino, California. The founders were brothers
Richard and Maurice McDonald. They were skilled
entrepreneurs who steadily grew revenue and by
developing the “Speedee Service System” the brothers
arguably revolutionized the restaurant business.
But they were ineffective leaders.
Under the McDonald’s leadership, the brothers wanted
to keep the franchise to a small number of restaurants.
They had weak leadership that in part was due to their
limited thinking patterns of what was possible. It took
Ray Crock to envision the potential of McDonald’s.
Crock was a strong leader who between 1955 – 1963
grew McDonald’s to 500 restaurants.
How do you become a better leader?
The McDonald’s story is a powerful visual. It paints a
picture of what a good leader can build. But how do
you become that type of leader? You master influence.
So if leadership has more to do with
influence, how do you earn it? John C.
Maxwell touches on four techniques :
1. What have you done?
A track record of your accomplishments tells everyone
what you have done. It allows you to illustrate your
past achievements and gives your followers a reason
to trust your leadership .
2. What can you do?
We follow a leader, in part, because of what he is
capable of doing. We want to feel safe in the
knowledge that he can lead us to a better place. If
your followers believe that you can deliver, they will
follow you.
3. Who are you?
Who you attract is determined by who you are. So the
better leader you are, the better people your will
4. Who do you know?
Leadership is a relationship business. So it goes
without saying that building deep relationships is
important. The deeper the relationship, the more
profound your influence you will have over others.
Don’t waste another moment
Which of the four methods do you rely on to influence
people ? Rate them 1 – 4, with one meaning you are
highly dependent on it. Once done, ask yourself how
you can better optimize 3 and 4? How you can improve
your influence requires a degree of self-awareness that
can only be accomplished by evaluating your
experiences, your life markers.
These markers usually are associated with a
transformation, change or time of transition. So if you
ask yourself better questions your ability to optimize
your number 3 and 4 increases significantly. Here are
some questions that have helped me:
What is my biggest asset?
What is my biggest liability?
What is my best habit?
What is my worst habit?
What do I value most?
We are not born great leaders. Leadership is a skill that
must be nurtured through consistency, discipline, and
evaluated experiences. There is a great deal of hard
work in becoming a good leader, which is the reason so
many leaders are weak.
I often wonder what would McDonald’s look like today,
if Richard and Maurice intentionally developed their
leadership potential. Some pundits would argue that a
company does better under the guidance of its

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We have got this all wrong everyone. Yes, we have had
some horrific worldwide events in recent times but in
the scheme of things these events are still very
isolated. If we spend all of our time focusing on the
one or two things that have gone wrong in our world,
we will never move forward.
It’s now time for us to have more hope than we have
ever had before. It’s time for us to believe in each
other. We are not a world made up of diverse races we
are all global citizens of Earth with the same mission
and human makeup.
Each one of us is unique and capable of unlimited
possibility, and we demonstrate this on a daily basis.
What does hope mean?
Hope means that when you are faced in your life with
two ways of thinking about an event – positive or
negative – that you practice letting your brain default
to positive first. It means that you start to question
everything and always find a way to be visionary in all
that you do.
It means that when all else fails, you just believe in the
process (along with the lessons that come with it) and
know the outcome will be the right one.
Why do we need more
hope and why should we
rise up?
So you are probably thinking “Tim why have hope right
now at this point in time?” The answer is simple:
everything in our world is pointing towards the fact that
we have to have hope and that we are already
achieving amazing things.
Elon Musk has managed to launch and land a
spaceship, HIV and other diseases are becoming more
and more curable, and the message about healthy
eating is starting to break through with the early
demise of fast food beginning. I could go on for hours
about all the phenomenal things in our world.
Never in the history of humanity have we had so much
abundance. Not long ago Addicted2Success launched a
campaign to build one school in Laos for
disadvantaged children. In a matter of weeks this
dream was realised and within twenty-four hours we
managed to raise enough money to build a second
I mean little people like us, writing little articles about
success, are able to have such a massive impact from
the laptops of our home office. Hope is at its highest
level ever and if we can do it, so can you!
What should you stop
doing right now ?
So if we want to have more hope, we need to change
our lives in a few small ways first. The number one
thing we need to stop doing is escaping our lives. What
do I mean by this? What I mean is we need to stop
relying on alcohol and junk food, and places like
nightclubs or pubs to escape our current reality.
Yes, go to a nightclub or pub and celebrate your big
wins, but don’t go there to complain and lose focus of
your goals. Escaping your reality will not help you in
the long run, and it’s a sign that you are off track and
haven’t figured out what your true purpose is yet.
Don’t allow your brain to be numbed by simplistic
forms of entertainment and instead, replace these
activities with challenging and fulfilling events in your
Be careful what you let into your mind and change the
proportion of thoughts from fear to predominately
hope. Change your media consumption to focus on
more subjects that will support your growth as a
person rather than detract from your belief in humanity.
What can you do?
Start believing in others and empower them to follow
their dreams by following your own dream first. When
you look at another person and are upset with the way
they are acting, remember that what you are seeing in
them also lies within yourself, and if you can learn to
accept and forgive, then your internal power will
You are more than what anyone else believes you can
be, and so you can begin to start thinking of ways to
create a movement. Each movement has the power to
combine with other movements and move us towards a
global vision of how we want our world to be in the
This global movement starts with one person. That one
person is you. You can establish networks outside of
your comfort zone and begin to use your creativity for
good. The more people you reach with your new vision
for hope, the more useful and valuable you become.
Let the energy poor out of you as you give hope to
others and feel what it’s really like to live life at the
highest level. Don’t settle for second best and don’t be
afraid of the impossible. As you embark on this new
journey of hope, remember others like Nelson Mandela,
Richard Branson, Helen Keller and Muhammad Ali, who
came before you.
Let the energy poor out of you as you give hope to
others and feel what it’s really like to live life at the
highest level. Don’t settle for second best and don’t be
afraid of the impossible. As you embark on this new
journey of hope, remember others like Nelson Mandela,
Richard Branson, Helen Keller and Muhammad Ali, who
came before you.
Remember how these people of our time started with
such simple ideas to create hope and how your vision
has the power to fulfil that same destiny. No matter
how much money you make the most valuable thing
you can do is provide hope to others through your own
inspirational journey.
Everything you have done up until now has led you to
this point, and it’s up to you to take action and not be
someone who talks a good game but doesn’t have the
willpower to follow through. Instead of posting photos
of yourself on social media, flood your pages with
messages of hope and know that they will drown out
the messages of fear.
Rise up your time is now !
All of us have around eighty-five years on average to
live on this planet and make the most of the
opportunity we have been given. I don’t want to see
you waste this opportunity, and so it’s time for you to
rise up. Rise above mediocrity! Rise above what you
previously thought was possible! Rise above the stories
of failure! Rise above the naysayers! Rise above the
I know I feel an awakening inside myself, and I believe
that greatness is being born in all of us who decide to
spread hope. I want you to be part of this movement
and rise up too.
The way you make people feel will determine your
success. Even if that’s just a simple smile or a small
gesture, the impact can reach everyone. It’s this small
idea that is why you have the ability to walk into rooms
of people giving you a standing ovation at the sheer
sight of your greatness.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!

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What Is Freedom?

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Birds with freedom to fly
billowing clouds floating in the sky
water forming rapids as it rushes by
everything’s free except you and I.

But what is freedom?
No laws, rules, expectations of others
no wants, unlimited money
would this make us free?

No, freedom comes from within
where no one else can go.
We are free only when we know
love and serenity
compassion and justice
only then can we be free.

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Wake up, Kick ass and Repeat! 

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Sunday´s mood

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First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.

Thomas a Kempis

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If you insist on blaming your parents, or teachers, or employers, or society for your failures and sadness and anger…..

…..reason says you have to credit them for your successes and happiness and peace of mind…

Your life.

Your control.

Which path are you going to take?

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Success never comes easy. No matter what your goal
is, you can expect to face challenges as you pursue it.
It takes motivation to keep going when things get
tough. This is why those who are the most
motivated often become the most successful .
Here are 12 steps you can do daily to help
you stay motivated when things get
tough :
1. Display your goals on
your wall
Put your goals in writing, and put them on a wall where
you will see them often. On a whiteboard in your home
or office (or both) is ideal. Review your goals every
morning and every night, and glance at them as often
as you can throughout the day. If you’re a visual
person, you may find it effective to use pictures. For
example, a picture of your dream car or a vacation
destination you want to go to on. Remember, if your
goals don’t excite you and challenge you, they
probably aren’t big enough. It may be time to
create some new ones.
2. Write down your
priorities for the day first
thing in the morning
One of the first things you should do every morning is
sit down and make a list of the important activities you
need to complete for the day. List them in order of
priority, and then get started on the most important
one first (especially if it’s the most difficult one). A
huge mistake most people make is not managing their
time and prioritizing their activities for the day. Instead,
they spend the day responding to everything that is
thrown at them. Instead of being proactive about what
they need to accomplish, they become reactive to the
needs of everyone else.
3. Listen to inspiring audio
Throughout the day there are plenty of opportunities to
listen to something positive. You can listen to
something when you’re cooking, cleaning the house,
driving your car, exercising at the gym, or jogging
around your neighborhood, just to name a few.
Download the audio version of some of your favorite
books, or subscribe to a few podcasts about your
favorite subjects. Listening to 30-60 minutes per day
of educational or inspiring audio content will have a
tremendous impact on your life and productivity in the
long run.
4. Read before you go to
A great way to unwind at the end of a long day is to
read a few pages of something positive and educational
before you go to sleep. Doing this also helps to take
your mind off of any problems or challenges you
encountered during the day. After you’ve read a few
pages, take a few minutes to reflect on what you just
learned, and think of at least one action step you can
take immediately to better handle any issues or
challenges you are currently dealing with.
5. Do not allow yourself to
At any given moment, you can have a positive attitude
or a negative attitude. There isn’t much of a grey area
in between the two. Refusing to allow yourself to
complain will pretty much eliminate you ever having a
negative attitude. This simple trick basically forces you
to remain positive and optimistic. Whenever you catch
yourself about to complain about something, stop
yourself and think of something you’re grateful for
6. Get an accountability
A daily or even a weekly call with a close friend or
associate has proven to be an effective way to stay on
track for many people. Keep it brief. The purpose of
these calls is to check in and confirm that your partner
is staying focused and is still on track to achieving
whatever their goals are at the time. Whether it’s
exercising regularly, prospecting for new business,
working on a specific project, the purpose of the call is
to hold them accountable to their commitments. You
do it for them, and they do it for you. It works both
7. Don’t sweat the small
Want to know some of the secrets to happiness? Here
they are: Don’t worry about things you can’t control.
Don’t major in minor things. Choose your battles wisely.
Don’t argue over small things. If something is truly
important to you, give it your attention. If it’s not, let it
go. Sometimes it’s more important to be happy than to
be right.
8. Spend more time with
positive people (and less
time with negative ones)
Pay more attention to who you allow to be around you.
Spend your time with people who are positive, and who
encourage your success. Minimize the amount of time
you spend with people who are constantly complaining
or being negative. You can’t change negative people,
but they will change you if you hang around them long
9. Recite positive
Positive affirmations are statements that you recite
aloud. Create a list of positive statements that reflect
the values, ideals, and beliefs you want to develop and/
or uphold. Whenever you’re feeling frustrated or lacking
confidence, take a moment to recite your affirmations.
It may seem corny, but it works. Think of it as
conditioning your mind for success.
10. Reward yourself for
making progress
Never forget to reward yourself for making progress.
Break your large goals into smaller milestones, and
each time you accomplish one of those milestones,
celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration, just
make sure you do something. Every success (yes, even
a small one) is worth celebrating. It is often a series of
small successes that pave the way for the big ones. If
you only celebrate the big ones, you may go prolonged
periods of time without celebrating anything, and this
can have a negative impact on your motivation.
Incremental progress is still progress. Give yourself the
recognition you deserve.
11. Look for the
opportunity in every
Practice being the person who can find the hidden
advantage in every seemingly negative situation. While
everyone else focuses on the problem, stay focused on
finding a solution. As Napoleon Hill once said: “Every
failure, every adversity, every heartache carries with it the
seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Always look for the
12. Know what you’re
fighting for
The last hack for staying motivated through challenging
times is to always know what you’re fighting for.
Whenever you are faced with a challenge, your mind
will demand a reason for your suffering. You better
have a crystal clear response, because if you don’t,
your mind will convince you to quit. We all have 2
voices in our head. One voice says “This is too hard.
This is uncomfortable. I should quit.” The
other says “Yes this is challenging, but it will be worth it.
Keep going.” You need to give that second voice a
reason to speak up. Why are you doing what you’re
doing? Make a list of your reasons and never forget
Which hack keeps you motivated? Please
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posted by Hari Krish